Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Augmented Reality smart glasses add an audiovisual method of system analysis and employee assistance during tasks. Augmented Reality glasses function like virtual assistants can enhance decentralized services for a wide range of organizations.


We focus on Automotive, Home Appliances, New Energy, Electricity, Oil & Gas, Civil Aviation, Transportation, Defence, Infrastructure, Smart Equipment, Ports, and other Industrial Industries.

What is it?

Software for the Augmented Reality community.


The new Reality of work.

Innovative solutions and streamlining processes ensure the successful execution of field service activities through the implementation of innovative solutions and a deep understanding of company processes.

Our innovative field service management solutions are designed for industries with linear assets that can be improved through innovative features, services, and integrations, improving both efficiency and productivity of field service technicians

Assists in closing the skills gap, reducing errors, and increasing the resolution of operations with a comprehensive software solution that combines Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence functionalities.

How does it helps

Redefine your business processes

Increase the productivity of your ideas: rethinking business processes in a 4.0 key allows you to increase efficiency and quality of the finished product, while sharing the best global practices.

Reduce costs, time and errors

Keeping connected with remote experts allows you to reduce the margin of error on-site and the execution time of tasks, increasing economic savings. Keep your work organized, together!

Distantly together

Teamwork does not stop, not even keeping distances! Share your field of vision and skills, build strong relationships, and take on job challenges with a new point of view

Knowledge management 

By leveraging the integration, users are equipped with all the necessary tools to “capture” their experiences and shared within the organization to create a shared and reusable knowledge base, through a fully automatic process.

Extended maintenance

Augmented Reality accelerate maintenance tasks by allowing crews to efficiently conduct the component inspection, saving time and money, while enabling faster onboarding and training of technicians.

What We Can Do for You

Easy to deploy & intuitive to use - minimal learning curve

Share/view/overlay documents, images, videos & even 3D models

Markup directly on user's field-of-view for more direct, intuitive guidance

Admin, monitor & coordinate mobile teams from a control room dashboard

Improve safety and productivity with hands free devices

Improve safety and productivity with hands free devices

Industry problems

  • Shortage of Skill and Knowledge.

  • Nullifying travel cost.

  • Low judgement causes skill and knowledge gaps.

  • Unforeseen breakdowns.

  • Data availability at the fingertips.

  • Retaining Knowledge


​What does it mean?

In numbers

50% Time saved in troubleshooting.
80% Resolved without travelling.
90% Better diagnoses
90% First-time solutions.
6X increase in Productivity
45% reduction in errors leads to improved accuracy
25% more efficient warehouse operations
Cost-saving of $20 as a return on every dollar spent on field service

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