Smart Glasses is an industry agnostics solution.

Smart glass is an eyewear device that overlays information onto the user's field of view. This device comes with a camera, built-in speakers, a microphone with noise cancellation, Wi-Fi, with a battery that can last an industrial shift with all required industrial certifications. 

These devices create an augmented 7-inch screen at a distance of 10-12 inches from the user's eyesight. This lets users perform tasks 100% hands-free while sharing what the users see with others in real-time.

Which industry can use this solution

Today Smart Glasses are used across every industry from 



Construction and Cement

Solar and Wind Energy

Oil & Gas


Warehouse and Logistics


Ship Building

In case there is a problem which has led to downtime in productivity, the operator or users who may lack skill or knowledge wear this device. Since the user knows the problem, the user can now get real-time remote support from a subject matter expert who can be based anywhere. This will drive a video conference concept and the user will share what the user sees directly with the expert.

When the users initiate a call, the remote experts would be notified on the device the expert is available for that movement. The device can be desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.


With the helo of browser-based applications, the experts can perform multiple activities in real-time while also guiding the users on how to solve the problem with better diagnosis and ensuring first-time fixes.

The experts can draw, annotate, take a screenshot of a live video, share snippets of a document and even control the bandwidth for the continuous video to work.


How does it works

The top use cases

On the job training


Remote Guidance

Remote Maintenance

Standard Maintenance

Product Development


Machine Commissioning

Worker Safety

Document Sharing

Knowledge repository

Pick and Put by AR glasses

Inspection & Audits

Work flow or Checklist

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