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QR Code Asset Tracking

Supply chains around the world take pride in their capacity to track and trace products from the point of manufacture to the point of sale. To be traced, every product needs to have a special identifying number.

Keeping track of assets is always necessary for the business world. Barcode asset monitoring can be an easy and affordable way to track physical assets.


A barcode label and a reader are required for barcode asset monitoring, which can be used for stock control or inventory management.

How does it help?

Using asset management software, a strategic decision-making process is aided by extensive reports.


To ensure compliance with regulations, audits and physical verifications across all locations are conducted.


The mobile application and built-in scanner make asset verification much faster every year.

Verify and audit assets easily!

Auditing can consume a lot of your time and be stressful. We streamline the auditing process by allowing companies to schedule audits based on categories, departments, or locations by using mobile-first methodologies

Seamless Integration

Real-time data transmission between the operational and informational layers is made possible by easily integrating with your current ERP, giving you better visibility to support business decisions.

A better inventory Management

Stock-out problems can be avoided, inventory counts are precise, and full inventory control and visibility are available. The process of inventory recording can be swiftly shortened. You can always have the necessary information at your fingertips thanks to reorder levels that have been set for each item and system notifications. Using the cloud, the programme can be accessed from any location.

Scalable and flexible

The asset management system can be scaled and deployed by your requirements. A modular architecture makes it easier to create workflows that are ready to use right away and are tuned to your unique requirements. You can increase the productivity of your enterprises and generate timely insights by using fast reports and tailored dashboards for real-time data.

Batch and product traceability

To enable total traceability of the products, the genealogy information of each batch and item is collected and stored using a serialization unique identity code.

Preventive Maintenance 

Establishing a preventative maintenance programme allows for prompt scheduling of equipment repair and may help to avoid unanticipated breakdowns. It also maximises asset usage, asset efficiency, and asset availability. With the help of Maintenance Reports & Analytics, you may establish maintenance frequency and develop checklists for work orders.

Enhance productivity and prevent wasting time.


Information in a single place

A fixed asset register contains all of the information about IT assets, including the asset type and their locations. The owning entity can also be identified on the fixed asset register.
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