Barcode QR Code Asset Tracking

From the point of manufacture to the point of sale, supply chains around the world take pride in their ability to track and trace products. Each product needs to have a unique identification number in order to be tracked.


In the business world, keeping track of assets is always a necessity. In order to track physical assets, barcode asset monitoring can be a cost-effective and simple method.


In order to perform barcode asset monitoring, either for inventory management or stock control, two components are needed: a barcode label and a reader.

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Enhance productivity and prevent wasting work time.

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Information in a single place

A fixed asset register contains all of the information about IT assets, including the asset type and their locations. The owning entity can also be identified on the fixed asset register.

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Requisition of assets & procurement

The workflow-based asset request process builds purchase orders and sends goods receipts automatically after purchases are completed.

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Notifications, reminders, and escalation

You can schedule reminders for delayed activities and maintain a high level of productivity thanks to this software. Customer satisfaction increases when tickets are handled quickly.

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How we can help

Using asset management software, a strategic decision-making process is aided by extensive reports.


To ensure compliance with regulations, audits and physical verifications across all locations are conducted.


The mobile application and built-in scanner make asset verification much faster every year.

Verify and audit assets in a timely manner. Easily!
Time-consuming and stressful, auditing can take up a lot of your time. Using mobile-first approaches, we simplify the auditing process by allowing users to schedule audits based on categories, departments, or locations.

Integrating seamlessly with your existing ERP enables real-time data to exchange between the operational and information layers, providing better visibility to help with business decisions.

A better inventory level management
The process of inventory recording can be quickly streamlined, stock-out issues can be avoided, inventory counts are accurate, and complete inventory control and visibility are available. With reorder levels defined for each item and system alerts, you can always have the right information at your fingertips. The software can be accessed anywhere using the cloud.

Scalable and Flexible

 You can scale and deploy the asset management system according to your needs. A modular architecture facilitates the creation of simple and ready-to-use workflows tailored to meet your specific needs. Using instant reports and custom dashboards for real-time data, you can improve your businesses' efficiencies and drive timely insights.

Preventive Maintenance 
By establishing a preventive maintenance program, equipment repair is scheduled in a timely manner and may prevent unexpected failures. Additionally, it optimizes asset availability, asset efficiency, and asset use. You can define maintenance Frequency and create Checklists for work orders with Maintenance Reports & Analytics.

Batch And product traceability
A serialized unique identity code is used to collect and store the genealogy data of each batch and item to facilitate complete traceability of the products.