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Digital Maintenance

Still using pen and paper, unsure whether to switch? Using digital maintenance and management systems, you may rapidly find solutions to these issues. Systems also provide smart underpinning features on demand, like workflow, actionable reports, developer tools, equipment tracking and GPS, and more.


Modern asset performance management technology called the Digital Operations and Maintenance Management System offers a sustainable framework for preventive, proactive, prescriptive, and predictive maintenance. We maximise the uptime, reliability, and performance of your vital assets thanks to cutting-edge technologies like IoT, machine learning, cloud computing, and edge computing.

How does it help?

Interactive dashboard

Real-time monitoring of all infrastructure indicators.

  • Performance metrics,

  • statistics on your rounds, interventions, and

  • anomaly alerts for late rounds and interventions


A maintenance management solution that is in line with your processes and your organisation allows you to visualise, configure, and adjust the schedules as well as the authorizations of your technicians.

  • Quickly moving intervention to a different date or technician;

  • visualising assigned interventions to reduce planning time, and

  • making the status of interventions evident using the workflow's specified colours.

Tasks management

Schedule both operating rounds and maintenance interventions.

  • Creation and configuration of streamlined tasks

  • Simplified and automatic development of tasks, interventions, and rounds utilising intervention templates

  • Sharing, pooling, and valuing of maintenance data; PDF export;

Features of Digital Operations and Maintenance Management System

  • Checklist Management

  • Inspection, Testing & Calibration Activities.

  • Breakdown Task Management.

  • Asset Reliability Analysis.

  • Reports & Dashboards.

  • Knowledge Centre.

  • IoT – Integration for critical assets.

  • AMC Management.

  • ERP Integration for enterprise clients.

  • Asset History Card.

  • Condition-Based Monitoring.

  • Paperless Maintenance.

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