Digitization Services

It refers to the process of altering analog processes or assets in order to transform them into digital formats, without affecting the actual processes or outcomes. Preserving, accessing, and sharing information is facilitated by digitizing it.

With our end-to-end digitization solutions, we help you manage the process from scanning through data entry and to digital and physical document retrieval.

How we see it

Our Document Digitization Services have helped many organizations no matter what industry they are in.

We convert paper documents into a digital format so that you can better manage your data. Our end-to-end imaging conversion service allows us to do this.

Provide greener technologies and an opportunity to go paperless while reducing carbon footprints is our motto.

Ai powered process- In your journey to going paperless, artificial intelligence plays a huge role. The implementation of AI has resulted in an insanely short turnaround time and reduced resources. The client's benefit and budgeted costs have been reduced.

Scanning with accuracy- We use production-grade scanners from the top manufacturers. We provide high-demand scanning and digitization services through highly trained staff. As part of our document digitization service, we continually update our OCR algorithms in the background.

The metadata & indexing of documents- Going Paperless calls for both the tagging and indexing of physical and digitized documents. To prevent any form of data bleaching, we follow a strict process. We focus on maintaining quality and delivering exceptional service through our highly trained team

Database with scalability-  Documents are maintained in our centralized database management system in digital form, reducing documentation redundancy and enabling fast and accurate retrieval through powerful global search, category, classification, indexing, and other functions.

Our Benefits

On-premise scanning

A scanning expert carries all of the necessary resources to your premises to perform on-site secure scanning of your data. Our team specializes in scanning old records, books, files, drawings, and converting old media formats into new ones.

Off-site scanning

Provides secure data processing facilities to provide mail-room and scanning services.

Image correction solutions

Processing images for data extraction, preservation, and readability is something we excel at.

Mailroom & data processing from start to finish

Among our services is in-warding of mail, letters, invoices, couriers, etc., cataloguing them, processing basic checks, data extraction, data processing, scanning, and other related services.

Form processing or data entry

Data entry and form processing center experts have the capabilities and expertise to handle accounting vouchers, Customer Account Forms, and other functions of a similar nature. With our customized tools, we extract data from data sources, run automated audits, and automate data validation to minimize manual or electronic errors.

Migration or processing of bulk data

Data migration projects using bulk data are processed and managed using advanced technology. Importing and transferring metadata relating to the document are part of this process.