Smart Shelf

Make your shelves work for you.

Shopping has become an interactive experience – captivating in-store while competing to deliver interactive experiences across retail locations through innovative technology is an ongoing need.


Customers no longer visit storefronts or websites. Instead, they seek memorable interactions with brands across all shopping channels.

We help retailers to reduce carbon footprints and helps going paper less in store price operation.

What is it?

Digital Display also called Electronic Shelf Label offer Retailers the ability to update content on shelving quickly and efficiently with help of IoT Solutions in place.

The application of Electronic Shelf Labels can help retailers understand their customers’ buying behaviour and increase customer loyalty; thus, improving the competitiveness of the retailer as a whole.


Retailers can reduce operational costs and improve their working efficiency and thus improve their competitiveness overall.

This is the beginning of your digital journey.

Modern technology for improved possibilities. We provide a fully automated and centralized system for your workflows.


Retailers can transform their stores with smart store solutions.


A retailer can instantly change prices, promotions, and more with Electronic Shelf Labels

ESLs are truly a part of enterprise-class solution using only a single server instance, offering the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

How does it helps

10-year battery life.

Has 2x battery * life allowing you to do more for longer.Comes with more updates, more LED blinking, more use of buttons— without you having to worry about changing batteries for a long period of time.

*Battery life can vary depending on the storage/operating temperature, number of updates, and frequency of blinking per day.

 Update speed

3000 tags -can be updated within 5 minutes with a single  Gateway. 6- to 10- secs-assignment process time between a label and product. 0.1 secs- to update one tag when massive updating

Heavy duty protection cover

The new screen protection cover increases the durability of the label screen up to 80%—it can handle to 323kg/m/sqm or 712lb/in/sqm of shock, making it safer from potential hazards.

IP67 rating

Labels have an IP rating of 67, which means our labels offer total protection against dust particles. They may even be submerged for as long as 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of water.

Custom design

You can incorporate colors, patterns, and branding designs to make your messaging jump off the screen, and to enhance brand awareness.

Limitless options

Screen sizes range from 1.6 to 11.6 inches giving you a wide variety of options to choose from.

7-Color LEDs

Complex instructions and pages of information can now be communicated with a single blinking light. The LED emits a variation of 7 different colors, and is viewable even from a 180-degree angle.

Multifunctional buttons.

Two programmable buttons elevate its functionality: they can be assigned with simple or complex actions, from seeking customer service to completing a picking process.

Up to 7-Page capacity

Some products require information to be accessible: allergy triggers, instructions, use-by dates. Labels is able to store and display all that is needed to know about a product into 7 pages worth of information

Near-Field Communication

Built-in Near-Field Communication (NFC) capabilities allow you to perform mobile payments at self-checkout, link to your company’s online website, and download digital coupons.

60 RF channels

With more than 60 RF channels, there is less likelihood of interference and virtually no unexpected WIFI collisions. Automatically switch to the next free channel to avoid data corruption or frame loss.

Location-Based Service

This technology makes it easier for managers and staff to find the right location of a product and which shelves need refilling. Shoppers can use their phone to find products in the aisles.

What We Can Do for You

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Engaging Customer

Improve the store environment, launch price and promos with unprecedented agility, and connect with customers in new and engaging ways.

They deliver superior image quality, colour consistency and brightness, enhancing the in-store environment. 

The labels are versatile, allowing you to include a wide range of data to improve customer interaction. For example, you can show real-time customer reviews, use QR codes to display rich media such as provenance, nutrition, and sustainability information, and publish recipes (and ingredients).

Releiance fresh Template 11.6inch.png

Operation Efficiencies

Store operations is a hustling part of retail. Ability to display price or dynamic price across every shelf or promotion on go is the need of store operation or operation head needs.

Our labels negate this and helps the operation to focus on customer rather than to worry about correct price being displayed, resulting in cost savings on time invested by store staff for correcting the paper label price, increase in customer satisfaction and increase store staff productivity.

Our solution helps small to large format store to plan resources and freeing them from mundane tasks.

IT at Peace

The solution can be managed Centrally, scalable with our ‘enterprise ready’ platform. With a requirement of light infrastructure, in a secure network, with intuitive software helps IT teams to be at ease all time.

Comprising of easy-to-use software at your HQ that allows you to see the status and create and change the templates for every label across your estate. 

Our solution also supports full two-way communication, with labels confirming that changes have been made, their battery status, temperature and much more, creating the industry’s clearest, most colourful and eye-catching displays.

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