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Electronic Shelf Label installed in a grocery retail

Electronic Shelf Label

Make your shelves intelligent and let them work for you.

Retail purchasing has become interactive thanks to the Internet of Things, which will change how consumers interact with businesses in-store. Warehouse operations are switching from conventional paper-based order pick-and-put dynamics to digital light-based using electronic shelf labelling.

The Concept

With the assistance of IoT solutions now in place, digital displays, also known as electronic shelf labels, allow retailers to swiftly and effectively update content on shelving.

Retailers can improve their competitiveness by using Electronic Shelf Labels to understand their consumers' purchasing patterns better and foster more customer loyalty.


Retailers save operating expenses, increase productivity, and boost their overall competitiveness.

Digital Displays are now being adopted in warehouse operations. In warehouses, these displays are replacing traditional order pick-putting from paper-based or mobile based to interactive cloured light systems.

How does it help?

Your digital journey starts right here.

Innovative technologies to expand your options. For your workflows, we offer totally automated, centralized management. Electronic shelf labels enable a business to immediately alter prices, run special offers, merge offline to online, and pick-by-light warehousing solutions and other things.


ESLs are a component of enterprise-class solutions that use just one server instance and have the lowest TCO.

How does it works

Electronic shelf labels control information's real-time updating and enhance in-store price presentation. They are innovative and intelligent communication tools that can optimise, accelerate, and increase the effectiveness of all forms of operations.

These devices with monitoring and shelf notification were created for retail but are also appropriate for various contexts of application from industrial processes to logistics and the pharmaceutical industry.

These are some ways these e-ink labels help the users -

  • Find a specific item in the department;

  • count the amount of stock still on hand;

  • Describe the item;

  • use the multi-page functionality to provide instructions for a subsequent processing stage;

  • from product-facing to promotional messaging, internal operational processes could be guided.

The working of these IoT devices

1) Identity


Each electronic shelf label has a unique identification code that links it to a particular item. The system reads and identifies this ID, and through an interface with the store management system, it sends all the necessary information to the label in real-time.

3) Information Sharing


The display adjusts to the information provided, updating pricing and offers as well as changing layouts. Vertical graphic templates can be used to manage, for example, the representation of a processing step useful in the industrial sector that has been finished, as well as QR codes and additional promotional messages that can be displayed on the labels.

5) Label Management


The labels are maintained remotely without the operator manually intervening in the lane. By synchronising the data from a central control room.
We implement our Advanced Information Management System application, generally known as AIMS, at your headquarters. The solution's hub, AIMS At your headquarters, we implement our Advanced Information Management System application, generally known as AIMSThe AIMS is integrated with all of your information systems, including ERP, POS, Loyalty, WMS and Promotional applications.

2) Placement


The store's shelves have electronic shelf labels attached to them. These labels are available in various sizes, and the size of the label is chosen based on the visibility area. They mostly swap out your current paper labels making it a paperless operation.

4) Communication


The electronic shelf labels' built-in communication system ensures that this data transfer happens quickly and is error-free. A gateway, also known as a router, will be located within the shop. Line of sight, store size, and the presence of significant electrical interference all affect the number of routers needed. These gateways are linked to the intranets of your stores, which are ultimately linked to your headquarters' data centre. Each label promptly updates the system with its status, ensuring that the pricing and information shown are always accurate.

6) Deployment and Go Live


The deployment of AIMS is done following your needs: Site (on-premise), Aims Cloud Server (private cloud) and Aims SaaS.
Once we've completed this, we can use a mobile or PDA device to utilise our app. The system completes the task after using this app to link a Tag to the SKU. You may now manage all shop labels from your headquarters and go live.

Labels attached to shelf


Has a battery life of 5 to 10 years, allowing you to work longer. includes more updates, LED blinking, and button use—all without requiring you to change the batteries for an extended period.

What it can do for you

Customer interacting with labels.png

Engaging Customer

Enhance the in-store experience, introduce prices and promotions with previously unheard-of agility, and engage customers in fresh and interesting ways.

They improve the in-store environment by delivering improved image quality, colour constancy, and brightness.

Because the labels are flexible, you can include a variety of data to enhance customer interaction. You may publish recipes, display real-time customer reviews, and display rich media including provenance, nutrition, and sustainability data via QR codes.

Business IT team empowered

The solution may be scaled with our "enterprise-ready" platform and managed centrally. IT staff may operate with more comfort all the time with the support of minimal infrastructure needs, secure networks, and user-friendly software.

Consists of simple software at your headquarters that enables you to view the status as well as build and modify the templates for each label throughout your business.

The clearest, most vibrant, and eye-catching displays in the market are made possible by our system, which also supports complete two-way communication. Labels verifying changes have been done, their battery status, temperature, and much more are included.

Labels attached to each SKU

Operation Efficiencies

One of the busiest aspects of retail is store operations. The requirement of the store operation or the operation head is the ability to display the price or dynamic price across every shelf or promotion immediately.

Our labels help to counteract this and enable operations to concentrate on serving customers rather than worrying about displaying the correct price. As a consequence, time spent by sales associates adjusting the paper label price is reduced, customer happiness rises, and staff productivity rises as well.

Our solution helps small to large-format stores plan resources and free them from mundane tasks.

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