Engineering Document Management System

Smart Project is a digital platform that tracks and controls all deliverables in engineering, procurement, construction, quality, and handover, as well as managing all data and documents throughout the project's lifecycle.

Integrated Digital Automation Platform

Collaborate with your internal team, external consultants, customers, and vendors in the cloud. Maintain defined quality management processes, capture all models, drawings, documents, and correspondence, and provide a complete deliverable history and audit trail.

Low Code Digital Automation Platform based application built to address specific business requirements

Content services platform enables you to meet customer experience, digital transformation, data security, and compliance on a single base, empowering your people to continue the same working style.

Optimized interfaces help end-users and administrators to get the job done. Optimized user experience help increases productivity, and reduce errors with your content instantly available across devices.

Intelligent automation combined with workflow automation, business logic, and analytics gives you complete power to Control, Collaborate while ensuring Compliance is not compromised.

Provides robust security features and follows secure development & version update methodology to ensure we take data security as a serious matter meetings privacy and security regulations as an ongoing alignment to industry needs. 

Content services platform; quickening your application modernization

Manage Engineering Document List

Manage 'Master Document List (MDL), Process each document through its workflow with a checklist, and capture its Real-time status.

Review and Collaboration

Over the internet, you can collaborate digitally on 3D models / BIM, 2D CAD drawings, and documents. Smart Project offers inter-disciplinary checks, collaborative commenting involving multiple users, and real-time comment consolidation. The system generates comment resolution sheets and makes their management easier.

Intuitive search with Metadata management

DMS has multiple distinct pre-organized searches for quick retrieval of information. Users can define and book-mark search criteria. Metadata structuring engine allows organizations to define and efficiently use/re-use metadata across organizations' information banks leading to optimal and efficient search and retrieval

Approval, Process flow and Dashboard

Use automated transmittals to send documents to clients for review. Client comments and approval status are recorded. Manage vendor document lists, easing the submission, review, and comment resolution cycle. Create dashboards and reports automatically to track the status and progress of documents. Provide automated delay notifications to enable proactive corrections and decision-making.

What We Can Do for You

Design management and Collaboration 

Using a cloud-based platform, you can work with remote teams and collaborate with internal teams and external customers/contractors. Capture all design data, including 3D models, drawings, specifications, and correspondence, with full audit trails.

Quality Management

Implement the organization's quality management system. Keep track of deliverables and resource KPIs. Take necessary action based on information for continuous improvement.

Engineering Deliverable Monitoring and Control

Take corrective and preventive action as needed based on the real-time status of each deliverable, avoiding delays in issuance.

Billing and Cash flow

With real-time information on physical progress and costs incurred, you can avoid overruns and maximise budget utilisation.

Risk Management

Conduct effective risk management planning and identify risk mitigation strategies. Risks should be plotted based on their likelihood of occurrence and impact. Based on these issues, display the risk heat map.

Resource Management

Manage resource planning, assignments, and usage across the project portfolio.

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