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To manage and monitor end-to-end phases from idea to handover of new greenfield projects.

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The Foundation

The platform is set up using multiple failsafe deployment methods, including Azure disaster recovery and Azure site recovery backups, with options for Local and Zonal deployment that is scalable to meet any level of usage demands.

The product suite is put through penetration and vulnerability testing by renowned security professionals. The top 10 vulnerabilities as identified by OWASP® are not a concern for the VA/PT certification and are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

Smart Project Features

Each element is created with consideration for the diverse needs and stages that an infrastructure project goes through. The only objective is to determine how to streamline the complicated processes that involve several stakeholders and promote the best possible levels of collaboration and information exchange.

BIM Management

Dynamic linking of time and cost to BIM model.

Schedule & Progress Management

Cost & Cashflow Management

Develop an integrated schedule and forecast and monitor progress.

Monitor actual cost and cash flow, and receive alerts in case of variance.

Procurement Management

Handle the E-tendering process digitally and monitor the progress

Construction Management

Resource Management

Project Quality Management

HSE Management

Plan and monitor construction and capture the progress of work.

Plan and monitor resources and capture their productivity and utilization.

Capture field quality against checklists and monitor closures.

Capture HSE inputs and records, and generate statutory reports.

Risk Management

Snagging & Close Out


Monitor the risk register and notify if mitigation is required.

Capture Snags from on-site and monitor their closures in real-time.

Integration bridges to connect with standalone & enterprise applications.


Scale down to capture all project documents and enable real-time collaboration.

BIM Management

Publish BIM models and collaborate with all stakeholders online following workflow. Create a dynamic relationship between the BIM model and the fourth and fifth dimensions of time and cost. To visualise the construction sequence for efficient communication and decision-making, simulate in 4D–5D. keeps all stakeholders informed on the most recent work and change status and progress. 

BIM collabration.png

By distributing a 3D model for assessment by all stakeholders without downloading, you can streamline design collaboration. ​

Risk reduction with a high degree of precision and coordination because it makes it possible to identify conflicts at every stage of the project

BIM, 4D, 5D Features

Conflicts detection with Improved team coordination with real-time project status visualization.

Forecasting construction timeline and cost and linking of material delivery to the overall project with model elements.

Integration with BIM 360 using Forge

Integration of time and cost with scenario analysis. Complied to COBie standards

Schedule & Progress Management

Create integrated drill-down schedules with rollup weightage for all project packages and deliverables. Obtain the current situation from all parties involved, compile the progress, and produce real-time dashboards and reports. To guarantee that project milestones are completed, alert the predicted timetable so that early preventive measures can be taken.

Planning & Scheduling of the software_edited.jpg

By distributing a 3D model for assessment by all stakeholders without downloading, you can streamline design collaboration.

Risk reduction with a high degree of precision and coordination because it makes it possible to identify conflicts at every stage of the project

Schedule & Progress Management Features

Create plans, develop schedules and update progress and compare multiple baselines.

Assign relationships to deliverables and evaluate schedule slippage.

Analyze critical path using CPM and conduct What-If analysis.

Develop forecast plans and views through Gantt Charts.

Cost & Cashflow Management

By examining the budget, commitment, and actual spending data and integrating with ERP systems, keep track of the project's cost performance. Real-time Earned Value Cost Curves and a dashboard should be created so that stakeholders can take preventative measures to reduce cost overrun.

Create and Manage Budget Screenshot_edited.jpg

To record the budgets, commitments, and payment milestones, create a cost break structure using standardised cost codes. Connect the project's activities, schedule, and milestones.

Cost & Cashflow Management Features

Create and Manage Cost codes and cost breakdown. Track actual cost against budget and book cost.

Define budgets, link budget with activities & project schedule with control and monitoring.

Configurable Workflows to track actual costs & revenue and revenue milestone linked to schedule.

Track invoices, link payment terms to the actual cost to have a cashflow visibility with payment certification.

Procurement Management

Automate the procurement process by digitising the pre-order and post-order phases, automating vendor qualification, and planning, managing, and forecasting the procurement operations following the project timeline. Create real-time dashboards that track progress and provide status updates.

Vendor Qualification screenshot_edited.jpg

Vendor review using specified workflows, online registration of interested suppliers with all pre-qualification data, and vendor approval for the supply and services of indicated products.

Procurement Management Features

Float Tenders, streamline vendor pre-qualification process and conduct reverse bidding.

Conduct Technical and commercial Bid evaluations. Finalise vendor and issue purchase orders.

Review & approve vendor drawings and issue production clearance and manage the inspection process.

View realtime procurement Status, S-Curves & Dashboards

Construction Management

Use mobile apps and drones to remotely monitor the development of construction projects. Complete transparency is provided via real-time dashboards and progress reports, which provide estimated milestone variations to enable remedial actions.

Construction Planning​ screenshot_edited.png

Drawings, a timetable, cost projections, vendor documentation, etc. are reviewed and commented on.

Plan the quality and safety requirements to be upheld at the project site and make sure the plan is followed.

Read More here.

Construction Management Features

Review of schedule check scenario analysis with a progress update.

Establish electronic workflow with App-based collaboration from the site.

Visualization of Real-time project status and monitoring of risk​.

Review of DPRs from Contractors and manage Snagging and de-snagging with forecasting of time and cost.

Resource Management

By integrating with project schedules, one may plan, allocate, track, and report project resource utilisation as well as estimate resource needs.

Resource Allocation Screen shot_edited.png

Give the project resources with start and finish dates and allotted hours. resource allocation from other applications may be uploaded.

Resource Management Features

Add Resources to Project and create resource groups

Allocate resources with budgeted hours and book actual manhours.

Distribute manhours with analysis and forecasting

Tabular and graphical reports providing resource loading profiles.

Quality Management

Monitoring the quality of the project using an automated workflow to compare completed inspection forms and checklists to the established Inspection test Plans For easy access and management, all flaws and nonconformities are tracked and reported via customised dashboards and reports.

Request for Inspection screenshot_edited.png

Create requests for inspection (RFIs), allocate them to the appropriate parties, send out automated alerts, and keep a thorough document audit trail.

Quality Management Features

CAPA reports and action registers with inspection and checklist management.

NCR reporting and management with incident recording.

Leading and Lagging indicators with audit functionality for workflow management.

Tracking of EPC activities, and safety register for Lagging with document management.

Safety Management

For the benefit of all stakeholders, HSE performance is tracked, reported on, and managed via interactive formats and dashboards. Requirements for system-wide management of employment permits. Real-time data updates with on-site images and complete transparency.

Inform the appropriate stakeholders in real time of any safety observations made on location using smart devices.

Safety Management Features

Raise safety observations and route observations to relevant stakeholders. Confirm actions taken.

Record preventive measures and identify open observations while capturing safety violations.

Report near misses and analyze corrective actions.

Maintain an audit trail for records and use smart devices for sites.

Risk Management

Project risks are identified, categorised, and monitored for prompt responses that lessen the impact of risks on project cost and schedule.

Risk Identification screenshot.png

List potential hazards for each project activity in the Risk Register at the project or deliverable level, along with the corresponding mitigation strategy.

Risk Management Features

Risk definitions from 'risk master' and risk identification in the risk register and manage risks linked to schedule, cost and quality.

Predicted the impact of risks on project goals, monitored and reviewed risks, and defined risk response and mitigation.

Risk analysis with heatmap with probability and impact of occurrence.

Existing and residual risk and analysis of worst-case, net and future risk.

Snagging and Project Closure

Snag and Geolocation can be recorded by taking pictures from the site. Put resources aside for closures. Based on the evidence, track each closure straight from the sites. Report the current state of snag closure. Processes for Closeout and Handover are managed using pre-established routines. Utilize dashboards that are tailored to track status.

Capturing Snag mobile screenshot_edited.png

Use mobile devices with GPS to take images of problems at the place. Automate snag list production and make it easier to route it for corrective action.

Snagging and Project Closure Features

Capture snags using smart devices and pinpoint snag location through GPS tracking.

Generate snag lists, route snags to relevant stakeholders and define corrective action for snags.

Analyze corrective actions taken and capture real-time evidence for corrective action on smart devices.

Verify actions taken, and facilitate snag closure with as-built document handover.


The platform integrates all the needed enterprise applications for greenfield infrastructure projects. We classify these integrations under the following head, which is standard practice. If any special requirements are specific to the way you operate, we can integrate them as a customised approach at cost.

Autodesk Bim logo.png

Contract Management

Using electronic workflows, e-signatures, notifications, and digitised correspondence, you may improve the monitoring of contract life cycles. Smart folders are used to upload and store project data systematically.

Contract Documents​ screenshot_edited.png

Organize and list contract drawings and papers using smart folders. Track release Dates with electronic workflows offer real-time review/approval status for drawings.

Contract Management Features

Electronic workflows that ensure compliance.

Real-time project status with tracking the validity of statutory approvals.

Notification management and electronic signatures.

Smart folders for categorizing documents with coordination of permits and licenses.

Project Portfolio Monitoring

By visualising project KPIs in real-time, senior management can keep an eye on the performance of the organization's portfolio of projects.

EPC Deliverable Schedule and Progress Monitoring screenshot.png

Obtain a concise overview of the general status, costs, and important project parameters for all projects.

Construction Monitoring & Control

Monitoring construction progress directly from the job site is possible with the help of mobile apps and drones. By utilizing real-time dashboards and progress reports, stakeholders are able to monitor milestone variances in real time and take corrective action in accordance with their forecasts.

Construction Planning and monitoring Screenshot_edited.jpg

By specifying the amount of work through beta distribution or other models during the activity period, plan construction. Organize the tasks that need to be finished for the work package.

Construction Monitoring & Control Features

Construction planning based on quantity and activities with quantity updates from mobile-based collaboration from the site.

Post daily progress report to get real-time construction progress with material, resource and cost tracking integrated with schedule & baselines.

Quantity verifications and forecasting construction quantities with cost codes for estimation and budgeting.

Construction dashboards and reports with joint measurement sheets with control work packages that monitor snags, issues, and risks in real-time

The scale-down version works as a stand-alone.

Engineering Document Management

Work on the cloud with your internal team, outside consultants, clients, and suppliers. Maintain the specified quality management procedures, record all models, drawings, documents, and correspondence, and offer a full history and audit trail of the deliverables.

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