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IoT Industrial Asset Tracking 

Smart asset management for fixed, moveable Industrial assets.

The Concept

Track Equipment and Assets in Real Time.


Our Internet of Things (IoT)-based asset tracking software is a real-time asset management system that enhances the management of all industrial asset categories, including employees, motor-driven and non-motorized assets.


The completely integrated solution combines a formidable asset registry with strong maintenance management, asset monitoring, and asset status controls to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and improve the lifetime value of each asset.

Asset tracking reduces theft and loss, generates business data and analytics, and increases operational effectiveness by leveraging labels or tags with GPS, Bluetooth, LoRa, or RFID technology to track physical assets. 

This technology also can track the location of people, IT assets, or moveable assets irrespective if they are indoors, outdoors, or in motion.

What can it do?

In industrial outdoor and indoor locations, secure remote tracking streamlines asset and site monitoring and preventative maintenance.

Insightful Data

Gain digital insights across your organisation while eliminating manual data collecting for your company.

Business Results

Use a comprehensive, cloud-based solution to deploy in a short amount of time.

Flexible to Scale

Enhance automation where necessary, and add industrial sensors. Integrate platforms from outside sources for consolidated visibility.

Key Features

Fully configurable with workflows with dynamic graphical dashboard.

Cloud based supports open software environment preventing obsolescence

Location and situational awareness mapping with graphical representation.

Grows with your business as it evolves, keep adding more sensors and gateways.

Built-in reporting development toolkit for customised reports with unlimited reporting capabilities.

Mobile App for Inventory, Audit, Search with easy to maintain  flexible integration.

Use Cases

What can be done?

Tracking Technologies

Business Meeting

Select the right technology



Your assets need to be monitored based on how mobile they are. If there is only a little amount of movement inside a facility, building, or room, short-range asset tracking equipment is appropriate.


Assets that are transferred between several sites can be tracked using GPS over long and large distances.



Ultra-wideband (UWB) can pinpoint an object's location with a few centimetres of accuracy, in contrast to some technologies like BLE that can only track assets on a zonal level or with a few metres of accuracy.


Because of this, choosing the appropriate tracking system requires careful consideration of the use case's accuracy requirements.



Not every use case calls for real-time asset tracking. For example, you can scan assets at a warehouse's entrance and departure to see if they are present. In this instance, the RFID tags and readers at the points of entry and exit are utilised.


For tracking your assets every minute or hour, real-time tracking technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, or GPS are more appropriate.

Benefits of Asset Tracking

Enables asset recovery with GPS positioning that
improve customer service.

Understand equipment utilization, avoid unnecessary repair and maintenance costs and track maintenance.

Conduct asset audits, ensure regulatory compliance and lower administrative costs

Increase productivity and reduce labour productive time waste.

Increase productivity and reduce labour productive time waste.

Enables financial transparency with
the health of asset

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