Marketing Content Management

As an enterprise solution for managing digital assets, Marketing Content Management ( MCM) also called Digital Asset Management (DAM) stores, organizes, manages, accesses, and distributes them efficiently. Both consumers and businesses find value in some programmatic way to organize your digital content.


Information management and business process are both combined under the umbrella of Marketing Content Management ( MCM).


It maximizes the benefits of creative content files, including images, videos, and other media.

Why and What

Photos, music, videos, animations, documents, podcasts, and other media can be considered marketing / digital assets.

Computerized files that contain the right to use are referred to as digital/marketing assets.To start with, it has to be digital.The rights to use it must also be granted.

Many files contain a lot of information, some internal, some external and some business-related

Benefits of Digital Asset Management
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How does it helps

Share and access files anywhere, anytime

Accessibility and sharing of files are made easy through digital asset management. It is easier and safer to share files securely rather than sending the files in emails, via FTP, from CDs and through shared servers. With easy management of permission levels, you can ensure the right people have appropriate access to files, such as downloading times, validity, etc.

Central Repository and make it Simple

Secure and centralize all of your digital content in one place.To make it easier for your team to find what they need, organize your assets in a way that makes sense to them.

One place for creating, collaborating, and sharing company content

You can manage content creation and publication using DAM as a central hub. You can review, and assign digital assets without any hassle. When everyone is on the same page, there are fewer miscommunications. This ensures your content is always consistent and on-brand.The DAM allows you to share files both within your organization and with others directly from the portal; you don't have to leave it.

Superfast Search

You can find files quickly and easily with powerful search options. You can narrow your search by specifying the file type and using image filters or in-document search. Metadata management enables adding keywords to assets, as well as customizing and enforcing controlled tagging sets.

All media  supported

DAM software supports the management of images, audio, and video and is tailored for rich media. Get a good look at your image files and video files with big previews and batch convert them with standard presets or your own.

What We Can Do for You

Productivity- An employee's time can be consumed searching for the right files - or finding the right versions of the files.

Process efficiency- With AI-supported DAMs, digital assets are not isolated and they are embedded in business workflows.

Storage efficiency-DAMs can benefit from cost-effective and space-efficient storage methods as central repositories.

Rights and permissions - DAMs act as keepers and guardians of valuable digital assets by applying rules and governance.