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Storytelling has become a new discipline in the business world.

Updated: Jan 6

Story Telling- The new science in Business
Story Telling- The new science in Business

We all love stories. Am I not right?

A story is at the core of who we are as a species since it helps us bridge the gaps between events and give us a holistic experience spanning a range of periods. There are no limits to what one can imagine and interpret through oral storytelling.

Throughout history, storytellers have possessed great influence over their audiences.

Take a moment to think about your own emotions and choose one to explain.

When you watch a child or group of children listening to a story, you can tell that they are engaged. As the story progresses, there is much silence and everybody is engrossed, and attentive, some are surprised, others remain neutral, and the facial expressions change as well. I'm sure you think exactly as I do---Yes when I tell a story to my children or a group of children, that's the expression I mean. Another secret you should know is that this expression happens often in adults as well as children.

Consider the scenario of an adult going out for a night out, picnicking with his friends, family friends, or colleagues. Someone is telling a story around a small campfire or bonfire, and there is a quiet pin-drop silence around you as you listen only to the story with your concentration. You are overlooking the sound of burning wood, possibly the wind, or the sound of nature, etc. Correct? Now that you are adults, you are also watching each other's faces and laughing if you find a facial expression not appropriate at the time. Could you relate to it?

There is something magical about stories because they can create other worlds, feelings, and ideas, making the ordinary seem extraordinary; they can teach empathy and lead us on incredible journeys. We can laugh, cry, be scared, and then be comforted by a happy ending. As children, we are taught to love stories for enjoyable purposes and for helping us to understand the world and ourselves.

What Is Storytelling?

Sharing experiences through stories comes before writing. Storytelling using interactive elements, such as words and actions, is a form of revealing elements of a story, such as an image surrounding a story. You gain a better understanding of things. A generation's needs can be met by adapting stories.

How storytelling is linked with Business?

Businesses convey their purpose businesses using stories through storytelling, and businesses that share their purpose will appeal to consumers or customers. Your company's product or service must not be the only thing you offer; you must differentiate yourself. Offering stories is a powerful brand-building technique regardless of the industry or the size of your business.

Within businesses, stories are used for internal and external communications, collaboration, marketing, and sales. Telling a story can inspire peers, persuade clients, develop a marketing narrative, or even reposition your company in the minds of competitors.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for business people, teaching them how to transcend the conventions and tropes of corporate discourse, and breaking down barriers in their communications.

Storytelling in Business: An Overview