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Intelligent Project Monitoring and Control

A smart project is a digital platform that handles all data and documents throughout the project's lifespan and monitors and controls all outputs across engineering, procurement, construction, quality, and handover. Module implementation is a very cost-effective option per user per month.

By lowering the risk of cost overrun and delay, Smart Project aims to digitise and automate the project lifecycle and increase project profitability.

The Idea

One procedure at a time, the construction management lifecycle is being digitalized.
It's such a broad term that it may refer to everything from converting hard copy to digital copy to optimising, standardising, and integrating a whole business process from beginning to end as the construction industry continues to digitise.


We created a product to span the whole project lifecycle while remaining flexible enough to adapt to a changing workforce and economy, as well as both modular and scalable.

Our offering is a digital platform with a powerful information management engine that can be used as an Engineering Document Management System (EDMS) or scaled up to include modules for the remaining stages of construction management, such as procurement, construction, resources, safety, risk, and quality management, or scaled down to function as a Document Management System (DMS), all with little impact on the workplace environment.

What can we Do?

Our extensive modules base approach simplifies each phase of project management.

From a single to multiple projects, manage effectively with our platform and module approach.

Some of the highlights of the module. Read to explore more...

Who is this platform meant for?

Architects Office

Consultant or Architect

Deliver following the schedule, using the best tools and technical design standards. By aligning the deliverable timeline with the billing timetable and tracking all engineering and design deliverables, you can manage the project/portfolio cash flow. Use the information acquired in the centralised system to monitor resource utilisation and enforce quality.

Building contractor work.jpg

Contractor or Equipment Suppliers

Avoid escalating costs and delays. Watching the results of the EPC can help you manage cash flow. Collaboration with clients and consultants is a must, and you should make sure that the information is always up to date. Deliver projects on time and within budget by adopting a 360-degree monitoring system for EPC deliverables and collaborating with clients, consultants, and vendors.

Discussing project on screen

Project Owners

Maintain communication with every participant in the project. Monitor a project's budget, risk, and schedule. Ensuring adherence to quality procedures through real-time visibility of project health parameters. You can stay on top of the project by monitoring and controlling deviations and other project performance metrics. Start taking the necessary corrective measures now to prevent project delays and cost overruns.

How to effectively manage a project 

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