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Use Case of Electronic Shelf  Labels for Retail Operations

Grocery Retail with shelf Label
Electronic Store Shelf with Labels

Retail Operations

In the modern retail environment, merchandising, marketing, and not just purchasing, are crucial success elements for shop improvements. Efficiency in-store operations is a key factor in success and profitability, and electronic shelf labels are essential to today's and tomorrow's efficient stores.

If you're considering installing electronic shelf labels on our store's shelves but aren't sure, maybe all you need is a little more information. Electronic shelf labels have many implications for a store's operations.


We've selected some of their most important use cases below to show how electronic shelf labels can increase your store's profitability and manageability.

Dynamic pricing

The true advantage of electronic shelf labels is their exceptional capacity to synchronise pricing across various channels, including stores, online and offline websites, apps, or different locations.


With dynamic pricing, prices can be variable and dependent on what the market is currently demanding. In contrast to using paper labels, all you can do is manually modify the price.

Dynamic pricing enables your company to stay abreast of competitive pricing and industry trends, boosting sales during periods of sluggish product flow. Your shop can use dynamic pricing to increase product prices when there is a chance to increase margins.

Stock Replenishment

The refilling of shelves is the single most extensive process in a store. It's possible that the correct product won't be restocked, resulting in decreased sales, and that both the right and incorrect product's stock levels are wrong.

Risks are decreased and replenishment work is accelerated when the system coordinates the refill process.


This is accomplished by allowing the employee to see the ESL's blinking LED, which signals that floor staff must visit that shelf for replenishment. With just a quick scan of the product's barcode with their handheld device, the system can quickly alert the back-end department and inform, This process can also be automated with a system tracking each shelf's optimum stock level.

Inventory Management

Using manual inventory management, staff must circle the store and scan every low-stock item, shelf by shelf. In today's retail, running out of products or having the incorrect stock level are essential worries.


An automated shelf inventory management application that gives them a 360-degree view of the status of your shelf inventory Anyone can quickly send an alert when they discover an empty shelf using the two programmable buttons. 


To send a request for the product to be refilled, all they need to do is push a button. Because of the accelerated stock replenishment process and increased sales opportunities, productivity and customer satisfaction are improved.

In-store Consumer Engagement

Experiences and giving the consumer control are highly valued in New Retail.
With a complete, automated solution that opens a new level of engagement across your business operations, you can improve the customer experience while keeping your staff members engaged, informed, and productive.

A user interface strategy that improves communication.  Two programmable buttons can be set up to carry out a variety of commercial functions, such as customer service assistance or can show QR codes, which users may scan to obtain more details about the product, or Near-Field Communication, which allows for mobile payments.

An adaptable, scalable wireless system with user-friendly features that make it easier to convert time-consuming operations into intelligent, dynamic data-driven workflows.​

Enhance Omnichannel Presence

Does your store have both a physical location and a website? That indicates that your company can give clients an omnichannel experience.

ESLs improve your omnichannel presence by enabling you to communicate with customers in a variety of methods, including:

  • Stock levels should be displayed to let customers know if there is limited availability.

  • Displaying competitor prices online lends credence to claims that you have the best deal.

  • When your physical shelves run out of goods, customers may place orders from your online store by scanning QR codes.

  • Product reviews are displayed so that customers can see what other people think of a product.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

One of the most crucial and time-consuming aspects of organising offline or online grocery orders is picking the items.

We help the picker locate the item much more quickly. We use a user-friendly mobile application, two interactive buttons, and blinking LEDs.

Because of indoor location monitoring technology, pick operators can pinpoint every item on a digital map. Workers can compute the best movements and work effectively by seeing the locations of every item on their list.


Pickers can easily remove goods from the shelves using LEDs' visual cues. Less human error equals a more effective workforce and happier consumers.

Food Waste Management

A significant portion of the food produced is wasted in the supermarket. From a cost- and, more crucially, a sustainability-related perspective, this is rising in importance.

The technology sends a list of products with short dates so store staff can concentrate on those particular products to reduce food waste in grocery stores by making date checking efficient and selling the expiring products at the best price before they go to waste. To decrease food waste and boost sales, this also enables price reductions for foods with a short shelf life.

We can provide waste management systems that reduce food waste by integrating an intelligent expiration date management and analytics system with real-time ESL capabilities.

Store Operations

By using ESL's advantages early on, you can save much money on labour and supplies.

For a single product price to be displayed on paper labels, too much paper, ink, printer time, and labour is needed. However, staff members may quickly update thousands of shelf labels from the POS using digital price tags

The ability of ESL to help your company run more effective marketing efforts is a terrific benefit. With the help of ESL's cutting-edge, captivating displays, you can reach out to savvy customers and send them specifically, tailored promotions based on their prior purchases, search engine usage, and social media activity.

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