Project Management Information System for engineering and construction.

Smart Project is a cloud-based collaboration platform that connects all project stakeholders before planning, monitoring, and capturing all drawings, documents, budgets, field data, resources, risk, and quality. This is done comprehensively throughout the engineering, procurement, construction, and handover phases of the project.

How we manage a project smartly

BIM Model

BIM Management

 Publish BIM models and collaborate online with all stakeholders in accordance with the workflow. Dynamically connect the fourth and fifth dimensions of time and cost to the BIM model. To facilitate effective communication and decision making, simulate the construction sequence in 4D 5D. Keeps all stakeholders up to date on the current status and progress of work and changes. 

Create drill-down integrated schedules with rollup weightages for all project packages and deliverables. Capture status updates from all stakeholders, roll them up and generate real-time dashboards and reports. Notify the projected schedule so that early preventive actions can be taken to ensure that project milestones are met. 

Schedule and progress management

Schedule & Progress Management

Cost Control & cash flow management

Cost Control & Cashflow Management

Track the project's cost performance by analysing budget, commitment, and actual spend data and integrating with ERP systems. Create real-time Earned Value Cost curves and a dashboard to enable stakeholders to take proactive steps to avoid budget overruns.

Automate the procurement process by digitising the pre-order and post-order phases, automating vendor qualification, and planning, managing, and forecasting the procurement operations in accordance with the project timeline. Create real-time dashboards that track progress and provide status reports more quickly.

Procurement management

Procurement Management

Construction site

Construction Work Management

Use mobile apps and drones to remotely monitor the development of construction projects. Complete transparency is provided via real-time dashboards and progress reports, which provide estimate milestone variations to enable remedial actions. A single source for all your Schedule, Contract, progress Monitoring, Quality, Safety,
Cost, and Close out.

By integrating with project schedules, one may plan, allocate, track, and report project resource utilisation as well as estimate resource needs. Monitoring the quality of the project using an automated workflow to compare completed inspection forms and checklists to the established Inspection test Plans For easy access and management, all flaws and nonconformities are tracked and reported via customised dashboards and reports.

Resource and Quality meeting

Resource and Quality Management

Project closure

Snagging and Project Closure

Snag and Geolocation can be recorded by taking pictures from the site. Put resources aside for closures. On the basis of evidence, track each closure straight from the sites. Report the current state of snag closure. Processes for Closeout and Handover are managed using pre-established routines. Utilize dashboards that are customised to track status.

Who finds it Useful

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Consultant or Architect

Deliver on schedule, with the best resources, and high-quality engineering designs. Control the project/portfolio cash flow by connecting the deliverable schedule with the billing timetable and managing all engineering and design deliverables. Utilize the data gathered in the centralised system to enforce quality and keep track of resource usage.

Contractor and Supplier

Contractor or Equipment Supplier

Avoid delays and cost escalations. Control cash flow by keeping an eye on EPC outputs. Work together with clients and consultants, and make sure that only the most recent information is available. Using a 360-degree monitoring system for EPC deliverables and working together with customers, consultants, and vendors, deliver projects on time and within budget.

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Project Owners

Keep in touch with all parties involved in the project. Track the cost, risk, and schedule of a project. Utilizing real-time visibility of project health metrics ensures adherence to quality processes. By keeping an eye on and in control of deviations and other project performance indicators, you can stay on top of the project. To avoid project delays and expense overruns, start the appropriate remedial actions.