Application of Electronic Shelf Labels

It's time to get rid of paper labels. We'll lead the way in digitizing your business one shelf at a time.

The Tech Behind

E-readers such as the Amazon Kindle feature paper-like displays are often called electronic ink technology.

When laminated to a plastic film, and then adhered to electronics, it creates an Electronic Paper Display.

Supports different color label options from White, BlackYellow, and Red. The latest addition is 256 Colour Displays. 

This technology is an excellent option for Electronic Shelf Labels and Retail Signage Displays because it uses very little power, has great viewing angles, can be printed in monochrome, 3- or 4-colors, and has paper-like readability in any lighting condition.

Retail India Is Changing

Label options to choose

Electronic shelf labels are placed on the shelf of the store. They primarily replace your existing papers labels. These labels come in different size options and depending on the area of visibility, labels size are selected.

There will be a gateway – in other words a Router inside the store. The number of routers depends on the line of sight, store size, and if there is heavy electronic interference in the store. These gateways are connected in your store intranets which are eventually connected to your HQ datacentre.

At your HQ, we install our Heart of the solutions – our Advanced

Information Management System application also called AIMS. AIMS is the core of the solution and manages everything – server, stores, gateways, labels, products, users, and data – all in one workspace.
The AIMS is integrated with all your information systems from our ERP, POS Application, Promotional Application, Online Application, Loyalty, etc. 


AIMS are deployed as per your requirement -Site (on-premise), Aims Cloud Server (private cloud), and Aims SaaS 
Once we have done this, now we use a Mobile or a PDA device with our App. This app helps us to bind a Tag to the SKU and the system then does the rest of the job. Now you are good to control all labels at the store from your HQ. 

ESL Size Options

How does it Works

Use Cases


Information Sharing

Data. Information. Knowledge. Whether you have too little or too much, We can help your organization get the right information to the right people at the right time. ESL is built to ensure an agile, flexible, and simplified information-sharing process for better business operations. You can unlock new possibilities of applications that can help your business thrive in today’s digital and information-driven world


We’ve found the solution for your order picking woes: Our ESL's Pick-by-Light capability offers a 50% increase in productivity and a 99% accuracy rate. Scale your business the right way with ESL. Provides retail stores, warehouses, and manufacturing plants with a streamlined picking process that increases accuracy and gives the business the efficiency it needs

Shelf Inventory Management

Adapt quickly with rapidly changing market demands and avoid stock-outs with ESL. Initiate shelf stocking and replenishment—many times faster than any traditional shelf inventory process. An automated shelf inventory management tool that will empower them with a real-time, 360-view of your shelf inventory status.

Shelf Life Management

Less waste. Improved customer trust. Greater profits. These are the advantages that your business can reap with an efficient shelf life management. Featuring an intuitive system dashboard, two interactive buttons, and multi-page e-paper display, ESL is your key to an optimized, data-driven shelf life management process. Can simplify the process by allowing real-time tracking and online visibility of inventory shelf life and expiration dates of all products displayed on the shelf

User Interaction

Elevate your customer experience while keeping your employees productive, informed, and motivated with ESL—a complete, automated solution that unlocks a new level of interactivity across your business operations. ESL is a flexible and scalable wireless system with intuitive features that help transform tedious processes into smart and dynamic data-driven workflows

LED Indication

Enable real-time and visible, LED-driven communication across your operations with ESL. With its configurable 7-color LED (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Sky Blue, White, Purple) you can receive alerts, communicate with users, and even direct users to a particular shelf. Keeping your customers and staff informed at all times is vital to achieving operational efficiency. 

NFC Tapping

Achieve contactless and seamless transactions with NFC Tapping. From cashless payments, asset tracking, and attendance monitoring, ESL’s NFC tapping feature is the key to make your business processes even more effortless. This seamless interaction results in better user experience, streamlined business operations, and increased business revenue.

Location Based Services

Take advantage of real-time geo-data: We covers integrations with different APIs and facility mapping databases as an RF-based electronic shelf label, allowing for fast and flexible implementation of LBS solutions to any business. Location-based service capability can speed up your business workflows and boost customer-oriented activities.