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Glass to Glass Support

A remote video assistance system that lets you keep your hands free while seeing the expert's perspective. It's perfect for training or problem-solving. The expert guides you through a headset while real-time synchronization ensures effective learning. Enjoy a collaborative experience!

Our features

Twin Eye offers you advanced features for efficient troubleshooting and remote tutoring support. During the live remote video call, the expert and the technician can see the same images in real-time from the other person's point of view, which is very useful for training or live demonstrations.


From glasses to glasses

Communicate between smart glasses.


Share each participant's field of vision.

Hands completely free

Free your hands. Everyone can enjoy freedom of movement while on a call.


Bring things closer to your range of vision, both your own and those of your remote partner

How does it work?

You only need two smart glasses to set up a remote video call to resolve any situation or to mentor.
Keep both hands free at all times.


We secure your information by using proper policies, practices, procedures, organizational structures, and software functions as controls. We make three daily backups of all your data. Each backup is stored on distinct servers from different providers for maximum data security.

Backup and Encryption

All data transmissions employ Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 encryption. Sensitive data and other metadata are secured with AES 256-bit encryption at rest when they are uploaded into our applications.
All of your data is backed up three times every day by us. For maximum data security, each of them is stored on distinct servers from many providers.

Cloud Services

Our servers are hosted on AWS since they are ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certified and are an AICPA SOC 1, SOC 2 type 2, and SOC 3 authorized service provider.
We hold ISO 27001 accreditation. We achieve our information security by putting in place a suitable set of controls, such as policies, and practices.

On-premises model is also an option.


In addition to AWS security, antivirus and system firewall, we also use Trend Micro Cloud One - Workload Security (DSaas) as Wideum's Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS / IPS).

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