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Connected Workers

The Concept

Businesses employ Industrial IoT to update and streamline processes using connected worker technology. For workers in different industries, connected worker solutions combine wearables or mobile devices with software to make their work smarter and safer.

We employ augmented reality wearables with a built-in camera, mic, and speaker with noise-cancelling capabilities for connected worker technologies to operate as efficiently as possible. These wearable IoT devices create an augmented 7-inch screen at a distance of 10-12 inches from the user's eyesight. A limited form of connected worker capabilities can be enabled through laptops, tablets, or phones.

We concentrate on automotive, home appliances, oil & gas, new energy, electricity, transportation, infrastructure, intelligent equipment, ports, and other industrial industries.

Empowering frontline workers

Front-line workers now have real-time access to previously dispersed data and processes that increase worker output, advocate for safety, and raise revenue. Better data integrity and more efficient operations allow employees to complete their tasks more quickly and precisely, and drastically lower administrative costs are ensured.

  • Overcome laborious procedures and a variety of data sources

  • Create your forms to eliminate checklists or strict paper forms.

  • Adopt a connected, agile ecosystem instead of data silos

  • Plan and record workers' hours properly.

  • Lessen the complexity of your processes.

Real-world scenarios can be leveraged for training and knowledge transfer. Workers and experienced can work together on assignments in real-time. By giving workers hands-free capabilities, Connected Worker reduces risk. 

Teams are equipped with the resources they need to evaluate the effectiveness of operations, enabling them to securely, promptly, and on-the-spot make crucial decisions.

How does it work?

Smart glasses with augmented reality are eyewear that adds information to the user's field of vision. It developed over time to the point where it could perform difficult tasks with the aid of a virtual computer. Virtual assistant-like augmented reality glasses can improve decentralised solutions that work for industry agnostics.


A comprehensive software solution that integrates Augmented Reality and intelligence features help close the skills gap, decrease errors, and increase processes' resolution.

Redefine your business processes.

Increase productivity

By redesigning business operations in 4.0, you can bring best practices and boost productivity and product quality.

Reduce costs, time and errors.

Increase first time fix ratio

Keeping connected with remote experts allows you to reduce the margin of error on-site and the execution time of tasks, increasing economic savings. Keep your work organized, together!

Distantly together.

Increased collabration

Teamwork does not stop, not even keeping a distance! Share your field of vision and skills, build strong relationships, and take on job challenges with a new point of view

Knowledge management.

Data on go

By leveraging the integration, users are equipped with all the necessary tools to “capture” their experiences and shared them within the organization to create a shared and reusable knowledge base, through a fully automatic process.

Extended maintenance.

Increase uptime

Accelerate maintenance tasks by allowing crews to conduct the component inspection efficiently, saving time and money, and enabling faster onboarding and training of technicians.

Works for your needs.

Dependable and adaptable

It is light in weight, has the necessary industrial IP certifications supporting personal protective equipment, and has a rechargeable battery that can last through all shifts.

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Use Cases

Whatever industry you work in, augmented reality is available.

Meet augmented reality, is the new reality of the workplace. An innovative solution that can be used in any industry to help and facilitate your business processes and build connections among all the people involved with our augmented reality software and a wearable device such as smart glasses for your business needs, you can strengthen your team, make your work easier, and let your ideas flourish.

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