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Connected Worker's Use Cases

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AR for Equipment manufacturers

Improve customer service with remote assistance.
Utilize the best software for remote industrial equipment support to maximise your after-sales support. Offering exceptional customer service and generating a new revenue stream will make a difference.

Equipment effectiveness

On-site technicians require fast assistance to restart production when equipment fails, which pauses production. Your professionals can offer remote assistance to pinpoint the precise problem and offer advice on how to address it.

Knowledge transfer

Field technicians may not always be up to date on the latest techniques for installing, inspecting, and maintaining machines. They can learn from and be mentored by a remote expert through remote collaboration capabilities via documents, videos, or text messages.

Operating expenses

With the help of our technologies, remote supervisors may see the machinery from the standpoint of the on-site staff, saving time and money on an expensive journey. This entails having access to resources that are more effective and profitable.

AR in Manufacturing

Real-time data interchange and automation to boost productivity.
We provide support with industrial AR solutions that bring augmented reality into the workplace and enable the workforce to complete tasks efficiently using AR-powered assistance as part of Industry 4.0 and the automation processes within the industrial production plants.

Almost no production downtime

Production halts might have detrimental impacts. We give field personnel real-time augmented reality instructions for self-service to prevent equipment or production downtime or malfunctions.

Lower human error rates

The designing, assembling, maintaining, and repair procedures are all automated by our custom AR remote assistance solution, which also directs the workforce to perform maintenance or inspection activities with fewer human errors.

Easy Data Access

We enable team members and experts to collaborate remotely in real time. Field technicians or frontline workers have constant access to data and can even retrieve recordings of earlier sessions to address a related problem.

Rapid automation of work

By presenting all relevant data directly in front of them, we automate the whole manufacturing line, inspection, repair, and assembly process and allow users to operate hands-free with no interruption. 

AR in Construction Industry

From design to development, a significant team of professionals is needed. These professionals must constantly be informed of the progress of the tasks and provide a lot of readily available information. 

Site Inspections

Local, on-site inspectors can communicate in real-time with distant professionals, share images and videos, and record incidents. Using the digital pictures and visuals given by AR, the expert may then assess the data and execute quality control to reduce the overall audit times.

Maintenance of Machines

You can immediately connect with the expert(s) required to get instructions on how to identify and solve the issue and ensure the uptime of the leased machines when anything unexpectedly arises and needs to be solved as quickly as possible.

Needs for a Changing Workforce

With the help of our software, close the skills gaps and upskill both the current and new hires. We make it possible for your employees to consult with experts and get help when they require it.

AR in Automotive Industry

Efficient work procedures and online help.
Reduce costs and boost maintenance productivity by streamlining processes and providing your technicians with remote expert help.

Digital Work Instructions

Help maximise worker performance in all facets of the automotive production process by increasing consistency and quality for inspection, setup, changeover, and maintenance procedures. Images, videos, augmented reality experiences, and live assistance from co-workers or subject-matter experts can all be used as examples of instruction.

Machine Uptime
On-site technicians require fast assistance to restart production when equipment fails, which pauses production. You can quickly provide support for them with the help of a remote expert to minimise unforeseen breakdowns and resume production.

Cut Back on Onboarding Time
Field technicians may not always be up to date on the latest techniques for installing, inspecting, and maintaining machines. Train new hires quickly, help them remember skills, and develop their confidence in their responsibilities using immersive training comparable to on-the-job training.

AR in Minning, Oil and Gas

Using our connected worker platform, digital technology can connect workers, increase efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, and provide unmatched operational insight.

Safety and Sustainability

SOPs are available at the location where the work will be done. This reduces the number of team members who travel or visit high-risk areas. Enhanced audit quality and validation using technology to combine culture and safety.

Quality Observance
All subcontractors' quality of work must be inspected by engineers using local personnel who can take pictures and videos. Additionally, they can solve problems remotely at work and carry out live inspections, which avoids the need for expensive trips or wasted time.

Knowledge Transfer
Travelling offshore is quite challenging and complex, and fewer experienced technicians are available. Remote collaboration solutions can enable small groups of centralised senior SMEs to train junior field technicians since equipment on offshore drilling vessels or deep mines needs expert maintenance.

AR in Energy and Utilities

Speed up the resolution process.
We can help you save money, boost ROI, and maximise uptime with our industry-leading digital workflow, knowledge management, and remote mentoring platform for energy and utility operators and contractors.

Field Team Security
Field service specialists must deal with hazardous circumstances that require rapid assistance. While on-site staff maintains complete situational awareness, your specialists can offer support remotely to pinpoint the precise problem and provide precise instructions to fix it.


By employing our voice-activated smart glass device with remote mentor solutions, even the most inexperienced field employees may perform expert-level work by taking pictures and videos, playing back training recordings, consulting manuals, and more. Our wearable technology could save training time by up to 50%.

Quality Preventive Maintenance. 

The technology makes it possible to create, distribute, and save checklists that on-site inspectors complete using an app on their smart glasses or tablets. With the app's help, you may use augmented reality technologies, activate real-time video communication with remote inspectors, and validate processes.

AR for Field Service

Secure, hands-free, and voice-enabled collaboration will increase safety, productivity, and compliance.


Our Connected Worker Program for Field Services will expand the capabilities of intelligent field services. Utilize the power of real-time routing and scheduling, standard reports, inventory management, and service invoices.

Field Team Safety

Our IoT wearables-assisted reality systems offer complete voice control, allowing for hands-free photo taking, access to electronic work orders, and live video communications with dispatch centres. It enables field service workers to carry out their duties in dangerous and unpredictable circumstances while maintaining total situational awareness.

Problem-Focused and Productivity 

When doing manual work, field employees can consult technical documentation, gather and visualise data, and get in touch with support. With time savings of up to 100%, this results in enhanced efficiency and better decision-making.


Using our devices, field service personnel can capture still photos and videos for justification, inspection, safety, and quality for increased compliance. Preset workflows make it possible to create digital logs that guarantee each step is carried out correctly and saved for later use.

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