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Intelligent Automation
Orchestration OS

One Platform to manage your Automation Tech Stack

The Idea

Today, software bots manage a diverse range of tasks and processes as the popularity of intelligent automation solutions has increased, adding to the complexity.


A hyper-automation operating system will now be required to operate and run various advanced technology stacks and the advancement of this transformation.

Hyperautomation often involves robotic process automation (RPA) to automate repetitive tasks but goes beyond traditional automation by integrating advanced technologies like natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning (Ml) to streamline work processes and help the workforce.

The goal of hyperautomation is to improve efficiency, reduce errors, decrease operational costs and increase the speed of business processes. We, DXSolution, as a business partner of Turbotic, aim to broaden this platform for all enterprises, enhancing the adoption of automation.

Orchestration Platform

We want to create businesses that combine various automation and artificial intelligence technologies into a single operating system.


As a result of RPA, AI/ML, NLP, OCR, and other advanced technologies, the strategic operations of self-driving enterprises be re-engineered to make processes more efficient and competitive to become more effective and competitive.


Use Turbotis OS to enhance your artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA)


Turbotic OS overseeing all essential technologies for Hyperautomation comprises comprehensive end-to-end visibility and integration with all technology suppliers.

The Modules


Ideas from many business divisions can be submitted to enable the democratization of intelligent automation.


Manage your entire intelligent automation technology vendor from a single control center in real-time powered by Ai Analytics.


Analyzes what business processes are best suited for Automation, and what specific recommended solutions to use.


Track the ROI of your  automation investments in real time with rich analytics leading to clear and transparent visibility.


Built-in best practices to build Automation (RPA) and AI solutions. Shorten project lead times and increase visibility.


Book a demo and let us showcase how our orchestration platform  helps your CoE team.

Idea Module


Encourage the growth of bottom-up ideas

Our best-in-class methodology can be customized for corporate compliance and will reduce project lead times.



  • Ideas for democratising automation.

  • Submission, evaluation, and prioritisation of ideas.

  • Central location for all concepts.

  • Potential solutions and the feasibility of Ai recommendations.

Discovery Modeule


Explore the possibilities

This module helps analyze what business processes in your organization are best suited for Automation, and what specific RPA solutions to use. Get suggestions on processes to automate in your organization together with proposed technologies to use.



  • Visualizes Automation (RPA) and AI process candidates.

  • Automated analysis and process discovery.

  • RPA-solution proposals powered by AI.

  • Business case creation.

Build Module


Work smarter and faster with your Automation projects

Our best-in-class methodology will shorten project lead times and is also adaptable for internal compliance.



  • Best-in-class RPA-implementation methodology.

  • Internal compliance.

  • Shortens your development by appropriately allocating development tasks and approval steps.

Control Module


Operate your RPA and AI solutions from leading vendors

OS manages your entire Automation and AI solutions from all vendors in real-time.



  • Manage robotic processes (RPA) and AI.

  • Track vendor license utilization.

  • Onboard new robots, models and solutions.

Value Module


Measure business impact

It’s always been difficult to analyze and communicate the value of your AI and Automation initiatives, until now.



  • View and show all your Automation and AI investments and technologies in one interface.

  • Track KPIs and measure ROI.

  • Export executive reports.

Our New Version Release

Run Flow - new release

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