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Introducing Houston 2.3
New Advanced Integrations and built-in Al Capabilities


Daily real-time operational performance in a single glance from X-ray dashboard

Introducing X-ray: Uncover Insights and Take Action

 With our innovative X-ray function, you can swiftly examine your system for faults and logs. Utilizing the advanced Al technologies of Turbotics, X-ray can foresee, group, and offer insights regarding errors. Obtaining essential data on the problem's origin, affected jobs, and underlying causes. Integrated with RunManager, recovery regulations and alert settings facilitate effortless recovery and autonomous governance of your automation workflows.

Productive troubleshooting with X-Ray Reports

X-ray Job report
X-Ray - Queues Report

Error Prediction & Categorization

Turbotic's error classification model now identifies errors with a remarkable accuracy of up to 95%. This efficiency streamlines the error-troubleshooting process and results in a more unyielding system. Through Turbotic's enhanced anomaly detection feature, we can proactively detect and alert you of potential anomalies, empowering you to address issues before they escalate into incidents.

Error Anomaly Detection

  • The operations team receives a large number of error notifications daily, which can be quite overwhelming. 

  • The support team has to go through every notification to determine if it needs to be addressed.

  • With our very own anomaly detection model, we can predict the likelihood of a robot failing in the coming days, along with the probability of that happening. This helps us take proactive measures to prevent potential failures and ensures a smoother operation.

Error Process.png

Error Classification

Error Classification.png

Categorize RPA errors into predefined buckets


  • The operations team receives about 95% same errors repetitively.

  • Consumes roughly 30% of the time to find and categorize an error. Turbotic does it automatically.

  • >95% accuracy in predicting errors in 7 categories. Train model capabilities built in.

Updated Self Healing Capabilities

ML-based intelligent scheduling


  • Restart robots, Restart machines

  • Identify application

  • Assign error ticket

  • Connected to the Run Manager(auto-scheduling) to resolve and self-heal

Updated Self Healing Capabilties.png

Low-code Integration (Outsytems)

In this release, we are introducing seamless integration with your low-code applications, allowing you to track and control them alongside your other automation solutions. The Control module provides a comprehensive overview of your low-code applications, including the ability to track and gain insights from error logs.

Low-code Integration.png

Intelligent Document Processing Integration (Rossum)

Experience complete control over your integrated Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions, either as stand-alone or in automated projects. This release empowers you with seamless monitoring of processes, queue tracking, and accuracy assurance.

Intelligent Document Processing Integration.png

Advanced Run Manager

Version 2.3 comes with an updated and improved Run Manager that offers more support for autonomous process execution and VM restarts. This enhanced Run Manager provides you with greater control and flexibility over your processes. You can benefit from increased recovery rules, improved status control, and efficient management of high data loads.

New, smart and hybrid (recovery + notification combined) rules that save time for L1 operations.

Advanced Run Manager.png

Refined Usability

 In Version 2.3, we've made significant improvements to navigation and design. These updates boost accessibility and offer valuable insights into all your projects, solutions, and business metrics. Experience a streamlined user journey that makes interacting with our platform effortless.

Seamless Collaboration: The upgraded Project module now offers enhanced collaboration capabilities, which allow team members to work together seamlessly in a unified workspace for all project-related tasks. With features like task assignment, update sharing, and effortless collaboration on project deliverables, team members can work together productively and efficiently.

Enhanced KPI Tracking: Effortlessly track KPIs, measure ROl, and gain insights with our updated module, promoting data-driven decisions and continuous improvement.

Our Last Version release 2.0

Solutions for End-to-End Automation Management Houston 2.0 has only enhanced the abilities.

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