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Unlock beyond RPA. 5 Points in best interests - Why hyperautomation in your strategy.

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

To enable employees to operate more quickly and efficiently, business organisations are constantly looking for ways to automate operations. In other words, they use automation to change a manual process or task into one that a machine can do. Although businesses have been automating operations for years, they may now benefit from more cutting-edge technologies than ever. More attention is paid to operational efficiency, digitalization, and expansion have brought to light the need for better, more pervasive automation.

"Gartner", which keeps an eye on technological advancements and information management trends, identified a shift away from basic automation and toward enhanced process automation, particularly with advances in artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning (ML). Their "Path to Hyperautomation" relates to the ongoing enhancement of procedures past a person's capabilities.

What is Hyperautomation?

An organization may aim for hyperautomation for a variety of reasons. Organizations employ hyperautomation, a business-driven, disciplined strategy, to quickly discover, validate, and automate as many business and IT operations as they can.

Artificial intelligence (Ai), machine learning, event-driven software architecture, robotic process automation (RPA), business process management and intelligent business process management suites, low-code/no-code tools, packaged software, and other types of decision, process, and task automation tools are just a few of the technologies, tools, or platforms that are used in the context of hyperautomation.

Hyperautomation can also save a company whose IT team is struggling to keep up with the growing number of projects because of a lack of resources or expertise. We're all focused on doing what's right.

How to go beyond RPA and Ai.

A crucial element of the digital transition is automation. The goal is to gradually automate more procedures and functions. Even though RPA is already widely utilised, the next step is to fully integrate RPA with Ai and machine learning tools to achieve Intelligent automation and minimise the need for human interaction. Intelligent automation is all about finding, mapping, making business processes compliant and auditable, then automating them and gauging their success. It was created by humans, yet it is carried out automatically under human control.

The future of automation is Ai-infused. Automation is used in conjunction with emerging technology like Ai to handle more complicated issues and streamline company procedures. Iterative jobs can be carried out by automated technology, greatly enhancing workforce capabilities. The development of artificial intelligence (Ai) has made it possible for businesses frequently integrate various Ai with other analytical tools to get the best outcomes when handling complicated business problems.

Composite Ai, sometimes referred to as interdisciplinary Ai, is a new phrase for the methodical integration of various Ai technologies into a single solution for the treatment of difficult business challenges. Although Ai is growing in business, stand-alone solutions sometimes struggle to address complicated business issues. Furthermore, substantial datasets are necessary for effective Ai applications, yet they are not always accessible. Businesses can solve complicated problems and cut costs by using a unified approach to many analytical techniques.

Now the challenge is how to apply intelligent automation solutions that can result in the ideal fusion of automation and Ai on a common platform that is easily accessible to the organisation wishing to grow automation across the organization and progress to hyper-automation.

Intelligent Ai-led automation in one platform.

Our end-to-end platform has all the resources needed to fully automate a wide range of business operations. Finding tasks that can be automated, calculating ROI, and everything in between are all included. Ai and automation are complicated. By giving the RPA bots cognitive capabilities, they are combined. There are five steps to it:

  1. Idea: Collect thoughts from different business departments to help democratise Intelligent Automation.

  2. Discovery: Find out which business processes in your firm are best suited for automation and which RPA technologies should be implemented.

  3. Build: To reduce project lead time, build best practices for RPA & Intelligent Automation systems.

  4. Control: Real-time management of Intelligent Automation processes and solutions from many suppliers.

  5. Value: Monitor the Intelligent Automation's Return on Investment to evaluate the automation investments immediately.

By utilising Ai, we increase the platform's ability to adapt to change since it can continuously learn and improve. Additionally, it gives businesses greater agility and scalability with an ever-expanding range of potential future uses.

Top 5 reasons to strategies Hyperautomation in your automation adoption.

We'll assist you in avoiding the typical struggles of expanding automation and staff. Our platform is your single most important platform for a centralised overview of an increasing level of automation complexity. will guarantee that you utilise Enterprise Automation to its fullest. The advantages we offer are:

A screen shot of our platform showing the value module that  reflects the real-time  ROI of automation cost.

Is the first and only platform in the world designed specifically to serve the centre of excellence throughout the automation lifecycle. An organised platform that supports your whole automation workflow in one place. Integrates numerous automation and Ai vendors to scale beyond RPA. A tool that is independent of technology and brings together all vendors of automation under one roof.

A screen shot of our platform showing the control module that  reflects  how you can manage all your tech and vendor stack.

A methodical strategy for locating and assessing your upcoming automation possibilities. Provides stakeholders with a uniform means of understanding performance and benefits. A single source to compile project and performance data so you may assess process improvement opportunities.

A screen shot of our platform showing the  discovery module that  reflects how we are enhancing the productivity of the CoE team with ROI calculator and visual representation of all possible ideas to automate.

Without requiring them to comprehend code or logs, demonstrate the advantages of automation to management. Track KPIs and use an automated ROI calculator. A built-in system for analysing and identifying opportunities calls for cutting-edge technologies and approaches to performance and ROI measurement.

A screen shot of our platform showing the control module that intern becomes the Central  Bots Operation and Control Centre.

Provides proper governance and control along with real-time tracking of all automation efforts and solutions while mimicking your governance structure and approval flows – all in one place.

A screen shot of our platform showing the Idea module  that show - let ideas flow in and our composite Ai shares the analytics that helps CoE team to work smarter.

Provides a specific discovery module to assist you in selecting the best chances. Demonstrates management-friendly performance and value indicators that are easily accessible in our control module.

Let us wrap up

Today's major corporations use automation more and more to boost productivity and cut costs. We can employ artificial intelligence and hyper-automation to automate repetitive chores that would traditionally be done by people. We anticipate this trend, in which AI's influence is spreading to more industries, will last for a very long time.

To avoid falling behind their rivals, businesses must get ready to use and experience the effects of these technologies in advance. These technologies provide profound business insights, enabling the development of innovative, customer-demanding products and services. The secret to bridging the gap between people and machines is effective communication.

We hoped you liked reading this blog article and that it gave you some ideas on what automation might look like in the future.

Should you be unsure where to begin your hyperautomation journey, we're here to assist. Explore how Hyperautomation strategy is a must in your business. Connect with us and request a demo. We'll be pleased to help. We invite you to follow our hashtag - #dxsolutionadvisor on LinkedIn as well as our page.

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