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Search engine with OCR capability in DMS

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

What you need to consider when selecting ECM for your organization.

Enterprise content management (ECM) gives you the ability to secure your records and data, reduce time and costs, maintain the quality of your documents throughout the lifecycle, and ensure compliance with records retention.

Documents can be modified or viewed (dependent on the level of permission), metadata can be used to improve organizational efficiency, search functions can be enabled, and documents can be organized into configurable folder structures to ensure that the content management system functions correctly.

Content systems are designed to collect data and enter it into a database. The documents can be vendor bills, contracts, legal agreements, reports, employees' files, customer data, engineering drawings, etc.

Documents should be able to be managed no matter if they are scanned in from paper, or created electronically and sent directly to a digitized repository.

Indexing can be achieved using OCR capabilities.

Document indexing simplifies and expedites the retrieval of a document by identifying specific property attributes.

This is accomplished by using an index, a tool that uses meaningful data to simplify information discovery.

Document indexing done incorrectly makes it difficult or even impossible to return scanned documents.

A database's key fields, also called index fields, are used to group and categorize information. Users frequently specify their search for and retrieval of information. For example, you might use first and last names, addresses, dates, invoice numbers, customer IDs, vendor IDs, and employee IDs.

There are many types of indexing, but the most used are

Full-text indexes

Are easy to create. In the system, which is based on optical character recognition (OCR) technology, every word of the document will be read.

Field-based indexing

This convenient search method allows the user to locate information within a database by searching for details particular to each document.

Indexing Metadata

Data that is prepopulated and summarizes the content of a specific document, also known as metadata

Searching and retrieving large volumes of documents becomes seamless with document indexing.

Let us Wrap Up

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