Document Management System- Use Cases

We can use ECM across any Department. Some of the use cases for you to relate. However, if the use case is not mentioned, we can address your problem statement.

How we help HR team

With digitized HR documents, you can streamline employee tasks, control employee files, and ensure security. Improve efficiency, secure employee files, streamline personnel tasks, and ensure compliance with HR Content Management. Streamline processes and approval chains through the implementation of key workflows.


Create job postings, efficiently manage the influx of resumés, and use workflow to aggregate feedback from internal stakeholders.

Talent Pool

Build a centralized pool of qualified applicants for current and future openings. Search across resumés, cover letters and applications.


Give employees the best possible start by minimizing busy work and ensuring laptops and other equipment is ready to go on day one.


Monitor each employee's performance, provide early assessments and conduct interviews in a structured manner.


Work alongside your email application and collaborate with an online office editor integrate with other apps, or run the solution as standalone.

Easy Signing

Forget paper! Request Digital Signatures for single or bulk, get total control over your signed documents. Easy, secure, and legally binding.

Go Paperless

Digitize your paper records, eliminate disorganized shared drives and lessen infrastructure space. Organize every employee’s records at your fingertips to get to critical information within seconds.

Save Time 

Automate repetitive and manual data entry, reduce the time for searching for documents and manage a single dashboard with your portal integration.

Honur Privacy

Protects your companies sensitive employee information from losing or leaking information with secure access rights and data encryption regulations.

How we help the Legal team

File storage and quick retrieval of the documents like Court records, arrest records, testimonies, billing contracts, increase productivity and ease of operation. Optimize processes, address legal and compliance issues, manage information,  and minimize cost and risk with eSignature. Combining intelligent, flexible process automation drives operational efficiency and minimizes risk to allow staff to focus on delivering the highest possible value from contracts and legal agreements

Legal Content

A single, centralized repository to manage, secure, and easily access your firm's work documents from anywhere, reducing the cost of managing content with the scalable platform and distributed architecture. Inbuild with the OnlyOffice provides a seamless user experience with the flexibility to create, edit, share, annotate and collaborate within your web solution for improved user productivity and user adoption.

Data Clarity

Gain actionable insight, drive information governance strategies to minimize risk, and stimulate secure dispositions. Predictive search in a unified way across all your enterprise repositories with exhaustive filtering fields producing an actionable set of results. With page redaction control what is visible.

Improve Efficiencies

The solution is designed to identify, track contracts from initiation, negotiation, approval, execution, management, and renewal managed securely. Configurable workflows allow defining the contract lifecycle process to ensure milestones are met. Accelerates contract execution with proprietary e-signatures, which are maintained in the contract record.

Compliance & Audit

Every time a document changes, a new version is created. The user has the option of viewing older versions or downloading older versions. All actions on a document (read, download, edit, etc.) are captured in an Audit Trail along with username and timestamp. Record, track and get notified for any compliance event, including annual reports, taxes, licenses, and registrations.

Search & E-sign

Full-text search can be done to retrieve documents using OCR for scanned document support multi-language. Securely integrate with any email platforms you use. Emails received from clients can be tagged to the case files by cases, disputes, summons, etc. Request digital Signatures for single or bulk, get total control over your signed documents. Easy, secure, and legally binding. 

Collaborate & Share

Write case files between multiple people in real-time using OnlyOffice. Any changes made within any of these packages to a document can directly create a new version of the document within the DMS and can be controlled through workflows. Grant permission controlled access to users inside and outside of your organization to streamline collaboration.

 Contract Approvals

Automate and monitor all steps in the contract life cycle.

  • Create and reuse standard digital contract templates to eliminate repetitive work

  • Track responses and changes between all stakeholders

  • Enable multiple stakeholders to simultaneously view the most current contract versions every time

  • Set up automatic reports for contract renewals or amendments

Work on Move

Get contracts approved faster with mobile access.

  • Review contracts from any internet-connected device

  • Email shortcuts of contract drafts to required parties so everyone can review the same document

  • Use digital signatures to approve contracts from anywhere

  • Approve contracts with automated review workflows

Respond Faster

Immediately find information to answer inquiries at any stage in the contract process.

  • Retain contracts as required by industry and corporate regulations

  • Instantly find items when an auditor or third party requests information

  • Automatically run searches for contracts that are missing signatures and other information

How we help BFSI

Leverage the power of information by connecting people and processes to better serve your customers. In today’s time, you need complete control over your data, including who has access to it and when. You need a platform that protects that data from disaster and security breaches to provide your customers the instantaneous service and a seamless experience.

Fraud Investigation

Allow investigators users to easily log, access, and interact with the critical data records, documents, forms, and history. Connects each piece of critical information, including information across business applications. Simplifying the entry, organization, and reporting of information surrounding a fraudulent case file with simultaneous access to case files for multiple users with advanced search capabilities

Card Services

Manage card services tasks, from new card requests to Add/Modify/Delete authorized user requests. Electronic or Digital forms clubbed with business process automation tools, address card services departments a dynamic and easily configurable way to drive processes more efficiently. Maintain accuracy, visibility, and, most importantly, consistency among Regulation E processes.

Audit & Compliance

Give your employees faster access to information. Maintain guaranteeing consistent record-keeping, the right information is available to the right people, timely management, and disposition of documents. This facilitates easier audits, ensures compliance with internal and external standards, and prevents costly legal battles.

Easing Operations

Streamline efficiency, increased transparency into documents, improved for processes like Account opening, Hard Files movement, E-signatures, Loan processing, etc, with multi-department involvement. We mitigate these issues helping organizations cut costs and save time. Reducing the overall processing time per transaction while creating consistency in processes.

Mobile Working

Employees taking informed key decisions in real-time from their mobile phones leading to the process continually moving forward. Increase your competitiveness by giving all your employees access to their daily processes, the information they need at their fingertips for employees being more productive, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Access Rights

With anywhere, anytime access to information and business process automation tools, secure, paperless, and automatic routing, the need for access right management is inevitable. With integration options, users' access to documents and data stored needs to be paramount. Robust reporting capabilities provide audit trails and produce document histories for compliance and auditors. 

Loan Management

A single source that manages the complete lifecycle of a loan and all of the corresponding documents. Speeds up processing time while keeping information accurate with security. Financial institutions have a faster turnaround and interact digitally. The organization remains compliant by proactively notifying the lender of required or missing documents, or documents set to expire in elevating the customer experience from consumer lending, commercial lending, or mortgage lending.

Agency Handling

Automate the business process from initial onboarding of agents and brokers may include contracts, training, licensing, etc. to sharing of documents, such as E&O policy information, licensing, contracts, and more, helps agency or brokers to manage customers and extend better services.

New Business

Gives the power to your field team to process any new business at their finger trip. Automates new business processing from digitized point of receipt, transparent reports of missing and required supporting documentation helping finance, underwriting, etc., teams to reduce processing time.

Claims Processing

Manage all stages of a claim, from early assessment to investigation and through settlement. Expedite claims processing with access to documents and information surrounding a claim. Allows for the automated or ad hoc generation of correspondence or documents requiring specific legal wording or criteria-based generation. Automate manual repetitive tasks with our RPA freeing up adjusters to focus on high-value work.

Product Development

Product development teams can efficiently manage the work process surrounding new product document creation, collaborated online with edit and annotation, work processes with required approvals as part of business process automation, version control helps check right documents is used among stakeholders with a detailed audit trail.

How we help Finance

In today's business environment, finance departments face new challenges and opportunities. A company's financial performance must demonstrate its market position, profit, and liquidity. Performing accounts payable and receivable tasks in a way that avoids errors and runs securely can only enable this.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable can benefit from digital transformation. 

Using pre-built ERP integrations, we capture and match paper and electronic invoices with purchase orders, provide a customizable approval process, and post approved amounts back to the general ledger. By eliminating paper, clerical errors are reduced, invoices are handled more efficiently, approval is simplified, and manual entry is eliminated.

Financial Audits

Be less apprehensive about audits. Documentation of all business transactions is provided by us in full and proper form. Not only recorded information from the audit period can be retrieved, but emails, letters, or contracts associated with those records can also be collected and submitted within seconds. Organize your documents with a built-in search feature and collect them into digital folders

Accounts Receivable

AR needs to be simplified.  Related documents and information are linked directly to the order process so that invoices can be generated faster, questions can be answered immediately, and payment plans and discounts can be tracked. By managing receivables effectively, you can maintain good customers' relationships, receive early payments and increase liquidity.

Capture Documents

Provides accurate decision-making by capturing, indexing, classifying, storing, and distributing paper and electronic documents to the right employees at the right time.

Complete Control

You can check every step along the way, from who recorded the invoice to who accessed it last. Assist in ensuring data integrity and providing a complete picture of accounting data through integration with financial applications.


Digital workflows automate and accelerate processes by connecting documents, people, and tasks across mobile and distributed teams.

How we help Engineering

Configurable workflows streamline collaboration by providing a single point of truth. Workflow-driven collaboration among 3D models, BIM, CAD drawings, documents, data, and correspondence is enabled by a common data environment. Audit trails provide proof that all revisions have been recorded. 

How we help Government & PSU

When using secure and instant access to documents and processes in government agencies and organizations, employees will be able to improve operations while at work, from home, or on the go. In addition to securing public records, government agencies run civic projects and meet the daily needs of citizens. Public service with our digital processes is faster, simpler, and more accurate.

Efficiency & Digitazied 

You can digitize paperwork, save it securely in an organized repository, and quickly retrieve it with the help of document management and workflow automation. Controlled access to document storage, management, processing, sharing, and tracking. With email notifications and task lists, your staff can manage daily responsibilities more effectively, while decision-makers can approve, reject, or request additional information at all stages of your process.

Agile Adoption

Increasing demand for services is addressed by local governments or public utilities. Many government organizations rely on legacy systems that lack the security, flexibility and automated workflows they need to rapidly respond to changing social and economic conditions. In the paperless age, paper-based processes do not deliver the best citizen experiences.