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Collaboration online and in real-time with DMS

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

An integrated automated platform that is simple and reliable, allowing you to collaborate online, convert documents, automate document workflows, and manage content from anywhere, all in one place using no code.

A "document management" system integrates the system's additional features in a single package. You gain access to a wide array of other features by storing documents in a DMS. These features cannot be found in an ordinary FileServer configuration. Additionally, we can automate some of the processes a document goes through to make it easier to find and add more metadata.

Collaboration on documents and sharing them with colleagues and even external users are the final aspects. Finding, sharing, and collaborating are made easier through a DMS.

A collaborative ECM is essential for today's organizations, especially when employees are working from home or would be a hybrid model. They are boosting productivity by enabling enterprise collaboration and enabling content to be accessed anywhere. Multiple users from different departments (if necessary) can jointly work on a single document with collaboration features.

Increased accessibility requires enhanced security and authentication that would be defined as part of your access rights.

A document's authorization controls should only allow authorized users to read, update, and delete it.

Here are some advantages of this feature.

  • Workers can collaborate despite vast distances and in a meaningful way.

  • Travel expenses for employees are reduced, reducing costs.

  • Workers are better able to track the status of tasks online (even from the field) so projects can be completed more quickly.

  • Increasing the amount of collaboration between business processes, departments, and even organizations increases productivity.

  • Customer relationships and supply management can be improved by keeping customers and suppliers informed via online communications, and this leads to a rise in sales and production.

  • Editing Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents and any format of office documents seen by all viewers

  • Co-author Office documents with collaborators in real-time

  • Use enterprise collaboration platforms to connect external users with your internal organizations

  • Content sharing can be simplified by providing public links to documents and eliminating the need to email documents. If email is required, email integration can even smoothen the process.

  • Easily manage your IT environment with complete IT control

  • Live annotations are seen by all viewers

  • Use the reply button to reply to any annotation

  • In the participant's pane, find out which users are annotating the document currently

  • Discussions during the review can take place in the chat window

  • Managing version and controlling who can see audit trails.

Lastly, this feature also helps you move to a paperless organization and reduce your organization's carbon footprint.

Let's Wrap up

It is essential to choose a collaborative content platform that becomes the standard for your business - one that is easy to use provides you with control and has been designed with your enterprise in mind. Also, you must make sure that the tool suits each user's needs and expectations and that it integrates seamlessly with your overall content solution strategy. While evaluating your vendor, do check this.

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