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e-Signing and Digital Signature in DMS

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

There are many ways in which an electronic signature is better than a wet signature.

With eSign, you can sign documents safely, and securely, save time and money, and you can also track the activity on the document if you use a document management system.

Every organization requires that the final document be signed and approved by the leadership team.

Rather than scanning and embedding handwritten signatures into the document, this method does not require scanning. The alternative to traditional signatures is digital signatures. This statement aims to change and convert organizations to paperless organizations.

Companies can benefit from ECM with digital signatures in many ways. Security is one of the major advantages. The security of digital documents is much greater than that of paper documents. Documents stored on secure servers are not subject to this vulnerability.

These technologies also offer the convenience of easy access to ECMs and digital signatures. Access can be gained anywhere authorized individuals have access to the network. A central database will maintain the most current document.

Electronic signatures allow customers and members to sign documents anywhere. When an electronic signature is required, customers and members receive automatic emails. Clicking a button allows documents to be presented for signing from any computer or mobile device.

Users can also take advantage of this feature in these ways

  • You can configure the type and location of signatures with the solution

  • solution.

  • You can choose the type of signature you want when signing.

  • With workflow, the information about the signer can be entered manually or automatically once a document is uploaded to the application.

  • With the ECM application interface, you can see the status of a document and determine whether it has been signed or not.

  • You can access a complete audit trail of the documents' travels from pre-signing to uploading and returning to the integrated solution.

There are various forms of electronic signatures.

Electronic signature- First and foremost, an electronic signature is a legal concept.

Signature in graphic format resembles traditional ink-based signatures most closely. A digital signature consists of only an image (often accompanied by metadata, such as the signer's name and the date) on a document.

These signatures ensure the integrity of documents and authentication. For these types of signatures, digital certificates are required.

Furthermore, this feature allows you to integrate across departments and extend an amazing experience to both internal and external customers.

With businesses adopting paperless processes, replacing traditional document signing methods with digital ones becomes even more important.

When e-signature platforms are added to electronic document processes, organizations can save time, lower costs, reduce risks and advance sustainability goals. Meanwhile, employees, customers and corporate partners enjoy improved service and convenience.

Let us Wrap Up

Choosing an enterprise content platform that offers a single source and addresses your business needs with the control that has been designed with your enterprise in mind is essential. The tool should also fit each user's needs and expectations and should integrate seamlessly with your overall content strategy.

While evaluating your vendor, do check this.

Please connect with us, as we offer one solution embedded with the e-signing option. Get a free consultation. You can follow our LinkedIn page and our hashtag - #dxsolutionadvisor, on LinkedIn.

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