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What is Design Thinking and how does it make you sustainable?

Updated: Jan 6

Design Thinking- The multiplying approach to be disruptive
Design Thinking- The multiplying approach to be disruptive

Design thinking uses argumentation, curiosity, divination, and systematic reasoning to discover new possibilities. As a result, end users and customers are benefited. Instead of being problem-oriented, designers have a solution-driven mindset. Explore the possibilities as well as think creatively.

Taking a step back, it

It is exciting to see some of the most promising businesses come up in the next decade. What made them grow so fast and what did they do differently is something we admire.Thiss is a question to be asked- how can we achieve UNICORN status as quickly as possible? I am referring to companies like Apple, Netflix, Airbnb, Nike, Google, Uber, and Pepsico, among others.

In their establishments, such as yours, or even in your startup, they may have employees as well. The same structure applies to these employees as it does to all of us. We are likely to come to the same conclusion on this.

Still, the question is – what is their employee doing differently which is not happening at our business?

To answer this question simply,

they take design thinking methodology into account as a facilitating strategy and have incorporated it into each of their products and services.

It makes sense.

Growth Thinking vs Design Think.

Before we understand what Design Thinking is, let us understand the difference between Growth Hacking or Growth Thinking vs Design Think.

In the same vein as

Design Thinking, Growth Thinking is an approaches for solving problems. In designing and managing products and services, Design Thinking is utilized, while Growth Thinking is utilized to accelerate growth. As complementary as they are, both play an equally important role.

Design Thinking has an advantage over Growth Thinking in a startup because products and services must first be designed before growth can be accelerated.

If you want to grow your business, think of growth as opposed to design, since your products or services are designed to assist you in growing your organization. Design Thinking comes into play, however, when the business's goals change.

A successful leader and company founder knows which method to use when, and how to match them to the right situation.

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