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Learn how remote video support may boost revenue - the top 3 ways.

Updated: Jan 1

Since the pandemic began, businesses are becoming more receptive to digital solutions. The need for technical remote solutions is growing quickly, and many businesses are seeking opportunities to avoid time-consuming travel and offer immediate support.

This allows you to provide a novel method of client support. And there you have it—a brand-new approach to boost your service's revenue. But how precisely does this result in more revenue coming in?

How might remote video support boost your bottom line?

Companies can provide customer service from the convenience of their office by utilising our remote collaboration application. But how does this result in more money coming in?

We provide the top 3 examples to illustrate how remote assistance can enhance service revenue for your business.

Reduced labour costs and increased value.

According to studies, an expert support technician's travel time accounts for about 50-60% of their workweek. There is limited time remaining for them to apply their knowledge to assist clients’ engineers and junior technicians. Since the trip time adds no value to the client or service provider, this is an expensive issue that produces further waste.

Our Remote Guidance makes it possible to handle more service requests without having to physically drive or assign a junior technician to the site even if they lack skill or knowledge while also closing with problems with the customer support team as part of a level 1 support call. This allows you to support and bill more clients while using the same amount of time and resources.

Additionally, as you are increasingly able to find the correct expertise, this saves your business significant time while junior technicians are getting hands-on job training reducing your training cost further.

Your support staff can assist more customers in a day than ever before by reducing travel time. To use our Remote Guidance/Collaboration tool, all you need is a computer or a mobile device. Switching between clients is simple from your desk, and working remotely rather than always travelling will help many more clients.

Effective usage of resources and increased effectiveness.

When all the specialists are sent out and unavailable when a consumer needs their assistance, it might be difficult for support teams. They will spend less time travelling and more time working for the local company if they use remote guidance. Before deciding whether to send an engineer, you can assess the situation by using our Remote Guidance as part of your service process. And if you do have to send someone, consider what equipment and spare parts will be needed when choosing the best person for the assignment. In the end, this will assist you in raising your first-time fixed rate.

Your support staff can assist more customers in a day than ever before by reducing travel time. How quickly you can solve a problem is important; how they are supported is not the main concern. By providing knowledgeable support remotely, you can help consumers sooner rather than later. You can help your customers more promptly and efficiently by using remote guidance.

Different from service offering and SLA.

It might be quite beneficial to build an offer around this kind of solution. Problems with clients will be resolved more quickly, and lower service costs will result in greater margin service contracts and contented consumers.

Including remote assistance in your service offerings provides a new way to provide help. You will be able to charge your clients for the value and service you deliver thanks to remote help.

Additionally, it will assist in transforming an organization's reactive service culture into one that appreciates the knowledge consumers receive from them. Many businesses offer free phone or email technical help. Remote support can improve the transition from "free support" to "paid support," as well as help in shifting the mindset of those providing support.

How to design for maximum revenue.

Selling spare parts and billing for the time it takes to send a support expert to repair an issue are two ways that the division has contributed to total revenue and must produce financial data about these contributions. The low margins and large costs are a problem in this situation. However, thanks to new digital solutions, businesses may now monetize their customer support services.

We have chosen a few examples based on our customers to help you picture how you may bundle your solution:

  1. Offer a variety of packages that include both your on-site help and your remote service. Increase the value of a remote help package by offering different rates and highlighting the Advantages of receiving support faster with remote support.

  2. During the Warranty, provide free remote assistance service. It's time to reduce expenses, generate demand, and then add it as a paid service to service agreements. Support on-site was extra. By making this offer, you may raise the price for your core product while increasing the likelihood that the consumer will select the remote assistance option.

  3. Offer varying hours of remote help in bundles when selling your services. As part of the service agreement, provide Remote Guidance for a predetermined number of hours. Additionally, provide emergency contracts to clients who require assistance but lack a service agreement.

  4. Provide our remote guidance in all service interventions that are output-based and only bill for problems you can resolve. Even if the problem is not resolved, you will still benefit from knowing what to expect when you arrive and from being able to bring the necessary tools and extra parts.

These are just a few examples of how you could bundle your remote support service to improve revenue and broaden your product line. It need not be difficult to use efficient digital technologies to help your clients. Gaining an advantage over your competitors and raising your revenue is a wise investment.

Let's wrap up.

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