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Workflow builder that is dynamic and flexible in DMS

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

You need a workflow for all of your Business Process Management and streamlining your internal processes.

The key to the solution lies in the workflow. As part of the digital transformation journey, your digital technologies should facilitate the process at every stage and ensure that all employees work off a single platform, thus increasing efficiency.

The documents that a business creates are a crucial part of its operations. Not only are they an essential part of accountability, but they also safeguard the continuity of the company. Automating document management workflows can help reduce your company's overhead by automating processes. Additionally, document management workflows can help minimize mistakes and increase efficiency.

By empowering your employees to make data-driven decisions, your organization can maximize productivity.

You will see significant improvements in your business if you automate manual workflow procedures, particularly those handled manually. Automating workflow allows a company to coordinate several processes for assessing the workload of each task and ensuring efficient coordination across departments within the organization. In addition, it tells you where your bottlenecks are and how to fix them.

During a solution evaluation, you should not consider vendor-dependent workflow automation tools. As an organization, you should be able to create complex or simple workflows as you see fit.

Here are some considerations

  • Using an intuitive workflow designer can make workflow creation easy.

  • Without writing a single line of code, you can design forms with the Form Designer - a few may already exist or you might be able to develop them in less time.

  • Controlling how certain users have access to information.

  • Establishing efficiency targets: Identifying bottlenecks

  • Using dashboards, monitor your processes' progress

  • For quick intervention, you can send email alerts

  • Users can configure their checklist and audit points so that critical actions aren't missed

  • Set certain records for priority: Records with a high priority will be processed more quickly

  • Assign the right team members to certain items during the process

  • Based on SOPs, items are routed automatically to members of the appropriate team

  • Be capable of making instant changes as required when faced with complex decision branches

  • The process will be created instantly, steps will be assigned to your users, and your processes will be launched immediately

  • You will also monitor and execute service-level agreements continuously

Let's Wrap up

In business processes, document workflow management refers to the procedure for capturing, generating, tracking, editing, approving, storing, retrieving, retaining and destroying documents. Digital document workflow enables organizations to reduce often the excessive amount of paperwork that slows down daily operations.

Be sure to evaluate your vendor accordingly. If your company has its security policies, you may want to ask and be doubly sure.

You can count on us to define your strategy and help you through the transition. Please connect with us.

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