Enterprise Automation and AI Operating System

A number of tasks and processes can now be handled by software bots and algorithms thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and automation. With this change, a technological workforce will emerge, and a hyper-automation operating system will be required to manage and operate the sophisticated automation and artificial intelligence initiatives.

It can be used to discover, validate, and automate a wide variety of IT and business processes quickly and easily. Machine learning, packaged software, and various tools used to execute a task are all factors that contribute to hyper-automation. AI and machine learning technology could be used to streamline work processes and help people.


What is this Operating System

We aim to build companies that are able to integrate a variety of artificial intelligence and automation technologies into one single operating system.


A company's strategic operations will be fundamentally rewritten as a result of RPA, AI, NLP, OCR, and other exponential technologies.


Self-driving corporations are companies that utilize such technologies to make operations more efficient and competitive in order to become more effective as well as more competitive.

Utilize our OS to optimize your robotic process automation (RPA) and AI

It is the only OS that integrates with all tech vendors and manages all technologies required for Hyperautomation as well as comprehensive visibility from end to end.


Analyzes what business processes are best suited for Automation, and what specific RPA-solutions to use.


Built-in best practices to build Automation (RPA) and AI solutions. Shorten project lead times.


Manages your entire Automation (RPA) and AI-solutions from all vendors in real time.


Track ROI of your RPA and Automation investments in real time.

What We Can Do for You

Explore the possibilities

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This module helps analyze what business processes in your organization are best suited for Automation, and what specific RPA-solutions to use. Get suggestions on processes to automate in your organization together with proposed technologies to use.



  • Visualizes Automation (RPA) and AI process candidates

  • Automated analysis and process discovery

  • RPA-solution proposals powered by AI

  • Business case creation


Work smarter and faster with your Automation projects

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Our best-in-class methodology will shorten project lead times and is also adaptable for internal compliance.



  • Best-in-class RPA-implementation methodology

  • Internal compliance

  • Shortens your development by appropriately allocating development tasks and approval steps.


Operate your RPA and AI-solutions from leading vendors

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OS manages your entire Automation and AI-solutions from all vendors in real time.



  • Manage robotic processes (RPA) and AI

  • Track vendor license utilization

  • Onboard new robots, models and solutions


Measure business impact

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It’s always been difficult to analyze and communicate the value of your AI and Automation initiatives, until now.



  • View and show all your Automation and AI investments and technologies in one interface

  • Track KPIs and measure ROI

  • Export executive reports


We support the Hyperautomation of

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates repetitive tasks from single computers and across entire business processes.

Solutions provide improved prediction and decision support based on data and learning.

Cognitive agents interacting with users can handle tasks that require judgement and learning.

Accelerating software development and releases with drag-and-drop functionality.

AI-based software for text analytics improves efficiency, transparency and compliance.

Creating traceability and transparency in transactions and processes.