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How does AR Help Equipment Manufacturers with Remote Installation and commissioning?

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Augmented reality is a technology used by industries worldwide to help their workers attain the efficiency and skill set required for the job. And, in the equipment manufacturing industry, where equipment installation is critical, AR is viewed as the ideal tool to assist their staff.

Virtual commissioning is a useful tool to help manufacturers increase productivity, and better product quality and innovation. This procedure checks the performance of control system software against physical production systems or machine models, saving manufacturers time and money on the traditional physical commissioning process. Virtual commissioning is the emerging digital technology adopted in the manufacturing industry.

A workforce backed by augmented reality technology for remote installation may complete their tasks securely, with fewer errors, and on time. AR-powered remote installation saves OEMs time and money spent on field experts and follow-ups.

How does Augmented Reality Help?

Equipment installation can be complicated at times, causing delays owing to a lack of experience or a personnel shortage. By presenting step-by-step instructions right to the field workers' line of sight, augmented reality technology makes it easier for them to install equipment.

AR is dependent on a real-world environment. As a result, when a blend of simulation and sensor data is placed on top of a real-world production system, this technique is most appropriate for virtual commissioning. There are numerous applications for augmented reality in the manufacturing industry.

The data that technicians need to fix a machine can be projected immediately onto the part in question. This expedites maintenance by removing the need for the technician to review instruction manuals and charts. It also helps the technician through the procedure, lowering the possibility of errors and assisting in the training of novice staff members.

A remote help solution based on augmented reality makes remote collaboration between field workers and experts a reality. Both users can communicate using a live video connection to virtually acquire the installation assistance they require.

How do Applications make Remote Installation & Commissioning Easier?

Users of the remote support platform can share their physical space via AR Smart Glasses. Experts in a faraway location can see the problem of the field worker and even pause the live video stream to add annotations that stick to the objects. The expert and the fieldworker can pause the live video stream and sketch or use AR tools on the screen, taking screenshots for future reference.

Let me show you a quick example of how our programme simplifies remote installation by using a situation from the construction industry. Assume your field person is having difficulty with the installation.

  • The fieldworker can use AR Smart Glasses to open the programme and direct the device's camera to the equipment.

  • To ensure a seamless installation, detailed step-by-step instructions will be superimposed over the worker's line of sight through the AR screen.

  • If the worker feels the need for expert guidance, he can take the actions outlined below.

  • The fieldworker can launch the programme from AR Smart Glasses and begin a session with an expert.

  • Once the experts have joined the discussion, the worker will be able to share his actual space via a live video broadcast. The remote experts can see what the field workers are seeing in real-time.

  • If the expert or worker has difficulty comprehending or communicating the exact issue, they can pause the live video stream and add comments on objects to help them understand.

  • The worker can then resolve the issue as per the instruction from the remote expert.

  • The OEM expert can then verify that everything is done accurately.

  • The worker can also take screenshots for future reference.

Using our app helps save time and money spent on the frequent travel of experts and helps finish tasks on time.

Let's Wrap up

With a focus on improving their production execution systems, we assist manufacturers in digitising their operations. We help companies navigate the complex and constantly evolving worlds of "smart manufacturing" and the Industrial Internet of Things. We offer guidance, tools, and hands-on support so that our clients may select and implement industry 4.0 technologies that will best support their most crucial business operations and the individuals who carry them out.

Engineers can walk through the real physical production floor and see a wealth of information enhanced from their simulations through the combination of virtual and AR commissioning. You can then quickly identify and debug problems. Because the virtual commissioning process is available, AR Manufacturing Plants offers an intuitive and easily accessible way to get this information. AR is a solid tool that enables businesses to view the information needed to optimize and secure the factory floor simply.

Our App is built and designed for industries in various verticals to provide remote collaboration, support, and assistance. Explore how wearable-assisted reality solutions can help businesses succeed. Contact us today for your remote installation & virtual commissioning support needs, and our team will reach out to you within 24 hours. It is possible to exchange multiple use cases and best practices. Follow our hashtag - #dxsolutionadvisor on LinkedIn and follow our page for post updates.


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