Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a type of automation technology using software to perform repetitive rules-based knowledge work across an organization. Communicate with business systems and applications as Virtual Worker, a substitute for, or aide to, human workers.

RPA Robots perform three main functions: data extraction, data comparison, and data entry. Bots can be sequenced to perform either one, two, or all of these tasks. All our bots are platform-neutral and are available for deployment on-premise or on the cloud.

Benefits of RPA

Robotic process automation solutions are designed to boost productivity, improve efficiency and accuracy by reducing operating costs and help your organization grow by handing repetitive, manual workloads over to software robots.  

Robotic process automation works through front-end & back-end automation. The use of computer software ‘robots’ to handle repetitive, rule-based digital tasks such as filling in the same information in multiple places, reentering data, or copying and pasting.

How Does RPA Work?

How do we do?

Data Extraction 

Bots extract customer-relevant data from all types of documents: invoices, bank statements, shipping instructions, websites, employee data, and other types of documents. Our proprietary home-grown technologies, convert the data into an appropriate output format:- spreadsheet, into the fields of an API call, or a text file. 

Data Comparison

Bots compare data points in two or more documents or spreadsheets for reconciliation as per business needs. Bots produce either match or mismatch reports. The organization can use it to clean information sources and/or improve the efficiency of business processes or teach the required corrected steps to the Bot.

Data Entry 

Bots enter data by invoking APIs or directly entering data automatically into the GUI’s of business application systems. The needed keystrokes are automatically executed to enter appropriate data. Supports browser-based or client applications GUI’s. Readily customized bots for entering data into Tally, SAP, and other applications including browser-based systems.

What We Can Do for You

Financial & Banking

Automate data validations, data migration between banking applications, customer account management, report creation, form filling, loan claims processing, updating loan data & backing up teller receipts


Patient data migration & processing, reporting for doctors, medical bill processing, insurance data automation & claim processing, claim status and eligibility automation, and patient record storage


Collecting and consolidating data from client phone systems, backing up information from client systems, uploading data, extracting data about competitor pricing, phone manufacturing inform., etc.


ERP Automation, automation of logistics., data monitoring, product pricing comparisons. Etc


Competitor pricing analysis, guest data processing, data verification, payment processing, user account creation.

Technology & Software

Hardware  and software testing for functional, load, and mobile performance


Extracting product data from manufacturers' websites, automatically updating online inventory and product -information, importing website and email sales.

Consumer Goods

Order processing, data entry, resolution consulting, claims processing, FTPautornation, incentive claims processing.

Procure to pay

Automate the transactional work involved with obtaining and routing items, and ensure data flows seamlessly between systems.