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The Journey of going Paperless Enterprise - Document Management Solution

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

A step toward Digital Transformation

Paper Less Enterprise - DMS

The pandemic brings a positive change in every organization's working culture. The need for data to be available to all workforce irrespective of their location suddenly was a need of the hour. For ensuring business as usual and to support the need for work from anywhere many organizations felt a sudden gap in the way they were working and which needs immediate change.

Thus began the so-called digital transformation journey for multiple organizations a sudden need to ensure business sustenance and continuity. It’s essential to keep in mind that digital transformation is different from digitization and digitalization—even though they all sound relatively similar.

Many say digital transformation starts with Digitization – a move from analogue to digital. Digitization is the process of converting information from a physical format into a digital one. When this process is leveraged to improve business processes, it is called Digitalization. The results of this process are called digital transformation.

Multiple organizations jumped and started the journey of going digital transformed in their capacity. There was a sudden surge and still, the demand exists for Digitisation services. Digital or Physical documents are an essential part of any organization. Enterprise Content Management System (#ECM) comes in handy here which helps in streaming the document from creation to storage and all in a secure protected environment.

When remote working is now the way going forward and a reality, documentation going online, an organization streamlining all its paperwork on one platform, with controlled access with all data security & privacy in place is a must for multiple organizations.

A good enterprise content management system streamlines all the processes involving paperwork and more, enhancing the productivity of the team and the organization.

Key features of Enterprise Content Management

A central repository of an organization or multiple entities under an organization

Metadata. With control in place, organisations can have faster working and information access to every employee. Adding a self-defined tag to each document for retrieval and helping fast search options is a very useful feature.

Low code- frontend completely configurable as per organization needs.

Document categorization – define different types of documents as per business process or organization master formats.

Business Process Automation – configurable workflow process as organization need or department wise even if there are layers of approval processes for every function.

Digital Signing or e-Signature - a single platform to support e-Signature option for third-party use which is secure, legal, and tamper-proof.

OCR- search any document format through an image.

Security and Audit – a complete trail from who uploaded, edited, viewed, downloaded, etc is a must.

Integrationit should be flexible and possible to integrate with any enterprise business application to make the data flow more powerful.

Collaboration- be it office file formats or Engineering drawings, the workforce should be able to create, share, comment, suggest change, and approve if so.

RPA or AI or ML- use of technology to reduce human-dependent processes and use your workforce for more productive work that too integrated into your ECM.

With the implementation of ECM, the organization sees multiple advantages and helps in increasing employee productivity, smoothens the process flow, and supports the work-from-anywhere concept. With controlled access-right management, organizations are more flexible and that too in their secure environment.

The Journey begins with Digitization for an organization to have simple steps of storing files with Indexing and then migrate to Digitalization and use it as an organization tool – Enterprise Content Management.

Global Warming is an increasing and alarming situation. Every Enterprise across the globe has pledged for reducing the carbon footprint in their business.

A paperless office helps prevent climate change. In addition to reducing carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) emissions, going paperless helps reduce waste and costs. Around 110 lbs of C02 are released into the atmosphere when a tree generates 17 reams of paper. The trees we don't cut for paper also act as "carbon sinks" and are capable of absorbing CO2 gasses.

Let's Wrap up

Enterprise Content Management software integrates content services platforms and applications with centralized content management to improve information access, simplify workflows, and ensure governance, wherever and how content is produced with the enterprise being responsible.

We can help define your transition from Digitization to Digitalization. Connect with us for a free consultation. Book our calendar at your convenience and let us help you.

We encourage you to follow our page on LinkedIn and don't miss the information we share on new-age technologies or follow our hashtag - #dxsolutionadvisor on Linked In for news.

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